Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Happy Yarn (and Feet) and Ready for Dinner

Hi All,

These shorter weeks (my office is closed Friday for "Spring Observance" longer calling it Good Friday for fear of offending those who do not celebrate Easter...whatever) always seem to be busy.  I heard that we are closing at 2 tomorrow (after our "Spring Lunch Event"), but I have a conference call at 3 and some financial spreadsheets to work on, so I will most likely stick around.  We are also entering our budget season, so madness will prevail beginning in May.

Despite the increase in work activity, I've knit at lunch each day this week!  Monday and Tuesday I worked on Match and Move.  I have two more rows of yellow and then will start the red (which I just ordered this morning, so that will be on hold for a little bit).  Today I finally put a few more rows on the cuff of my new socks (10 rows done, 5 more to go).  This yarn is just Happy!  Look at all the colors - it is so fun to knit with this cheerful fiber.  ("Estuary" from Black Bunny fibers)

The colors even kind of match the shoes I'm wearing today - lol.

And this guy!  I was getting ready to put dinner on the table one night last week and when I turned around, this is what I saw:

He just needs a napkin in his lap and a plate in front of him.  If I remember correctly, he was actually headed onto the table to get to the butter (which he loves).

Yesterday was what I'm calling wicked hot -- 85 F which is just plain crazy for April.  Thankfully today is a bit more moderate.  I'm not looking for winter weather again, but I'm not quite ready for summer temperatures either.

Hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. Oh my ......the look on Tyg's face says, DARN! She caught me! LOL

    The yarn is just the perfect shades for Easter/Spring.

  2. There are a lot of "Spring" things at your office, but if they result in a shorter week, that's a good thing. Your Estuary yarn is beautiful, and hopefully we'll have some more normal temps to knit in before summer really arrives. 85 was just plain crazy yesterday!

  3. Kitty is hilarious!!! It is getting too warm too fast. This summer is going to be brutal. I don't know how to break the news to Pup that her walks may soon be a thing of the past as the pavement gets blistering hot.

  4. Love your dinner guest.
    Back when I first got Tux, and Dave wasn't living with me, Tux used to join me at the dinner table. He's sit in his chair and wait for me to slide him scraps of whatever I was eating.
    Eventually Dave moved in and put the kibosh on that... but I still found a way to share my dinner.

    Neither Peno or Rupert is interested in people food. I miss having a little dinner buddy.

  5. Such pretty sock yarn - no wonder you're happy to knit with it. Enjoy your short work week.

  6. Catching up on blogs again. Sounds like you had a great time at the yarn festival! I agree -- the big festivals are overwhelming. I've never been to MDSW, but I've been to Rhinebeck -- and it's the same thing. It's fun, but not necessary to go every year. Glad you have a short work week this week! Yay! Love all your knitting projects too. As for your cute Tyg. lol! Soooo cute!

  7. I saw those socks and thought Easter! (or, I guess, Estuary, but that's not nearly as spring-y!) I love the look on Tyg's face ... and had no idea cats loved butter? Wishing you a calm and peaceful end to your "short" week!

  8. Tyg should hang out with Jack at a Butter Bar! (I'm thinking such a thing doesn't exist, but these days, you never know.)

    I'm glad you are enjoying the yarn - it is looking like the socks will be very springy. I'll pass along that you are enjoying the yarn to Carol, she will be thrilled.

    Glad you are having short weeks at work. I am, but only because I'm using some of my vacation time, which is a way bigger deal where I work than it should be. I miss my old workplace where Good Friday was a day off all of the time.

  9. What is it with cats and butter? Marlowe goes nuts every time I take out our ceramic butter dish. It's gotten so I have to hide it when I take it out--QUIETLY!--and if she hears even a muffled clink, she loses it.

    And she's never had even a taste.