Friday, January 13, 2017 well as New Yarn and a Campfire!

It's Friday!  And, for me, the start of a 3-day weekend is almost here (my office is closed for MLK Day on Monday - YAY).

The other week I was surprised to learn that I had won a give-away over at Kim's and the package arrive yesterday.  What lovely goodies:

Of course, the colors are all different than showing above.  The darker skeins are a teal-ish blue and the middle skein is a pale blue/grey color.  The yarn is an alpaca-wool blend and just gorgeous.  So soft.  Now I just need to figure out what to knit (I was going through various options in my head at 2 a.m. this morning when I couldn't least there was something pleasant to think about!).

The row counter is pink and Soak is one of my favorites to use when washing my knits.  Love it!

Thank you Kim for everything.  It was a wonderful surprise.

So here we are back to our roller coaster weather.  Yesterday it got above 60!  Young son stopped by for dinner and we decided to cook hot dogs over a fire in our fire pit.  Not my most favorite meal, but boy did they taste good cooked that way.  Fletch added pinion wood to the mix and the scent was wonderful.  Colin hung around for awhile to have a whiskey and cigar by the fire.

Tyg was around somewhere, but staying pretty far from the fire (it got quite windy and sparks and ashes were flying).  Amazing to sit out by a fire on January 12th!

Our forecast for tomorrow is snow/ice.  And so it goes....up and down and up and down.....

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I may be casting on a new project...but I really need to finish those Christmas socks first...only 3/4 of a sock left to do.


  1. Yep .... that sounds like the Pennsylvania weather I remember! LOL

    Congrats on the win! Yes .....2 am knitting in our mind. Some of the best projects are born that way.

  2. What a nice package!
    I really want a fire pit for our backyard. My husband isn't crazy about the idea, but what's he going to do if I come home with one? Install it, I hope!

  3. My sister, niece and nephew have gas fire pits, and I love sitting there on summer evenings and making s'mores. Winter is not a good time to sit around a fire pit in Wyoming or Colorado.

    Congratulations on winning the lovely yarn.

  4. Pennsylvania is having Ohio weather. LOL. All this changeability is wreaking havoc with my migraines.

    I'm not a fan of fire pits, but so many are that I know I'm the odd one. But I'm a huge fan of toasted marshmallows, so...!

  5. Kim sends wonderful packages!

    How weird to be cooking and eating outside in January. Then next week, they're saying it will be in the 50s again. What the heck?

  6. We haven't made a fire in our outside stove in years. We have become old fuddy duddys. I used to love to cook over it. Everything tastes better.

  7. Great win my friend. Stay safe in the cold.

  8. What a nice prize! And yes, this weather is nuts. Hope that ice isn't too bad by you.

  9. I cant wait to see what you knit with those glorious skeins!!!!! alpaca LOVE!
    A campfire sounds wonderful but we are in the January freeze here in Wisconsin. I want more snow really!

  10. How lucky to win 3 lovely skeins of yarn! I love the campfire.. I've been wanting a firepit here on the farm for a long time. Maybe we could get one made this summer. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)