Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Long Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Whew it was a busy, long weekend.  Sadly I hardly got any knitting done.  I did a ton of cooking (which I love) and a ton of cleaning (which I don't love...but which was definitely needed).  We (finally) put Christmas stuff away and the tree has exited the house (minus a bunch of needles he/she left behind).  I miss the lights and decorations, but it is good to have things back to normal.

Saturday I made a dumpling recipe from one of my new cookbooks Bowl.  I made the beet-tahini dumplings.  Making dumplings is a labor-intensive process for sure.  The filling was delicious...the dumplings not so much.  I steamed them per the recipe, but I think I prefer dumplings boiled or deep-fried.  I made stir-fry bok choy and brown rice to go with.

And Sunday I made a Tart Lemon Tart from my other new cookbook My Kitchen Year.  Oh my gosh, this is a wonderful recipe.  The tart crust is made from ground cashews, a bit of flour and powdered sugar, butter (of course), an egg yolk and a bit of olive oil.  The lemon filling is cooked on top of the stove (like a lemon meringue pie).

Every recipe in this book is something I want to make!

Is anyone else watching Victoria on PBS?  I haven't even finished The Crown, but I really enjoyed the first episode of Victoria on Sunday night.

Yesterday my car went in for inspection.  Yikes!  It's a good thing I ordered all those books and yarn the other week, because if I had waited, I wouldn't have ordered.  My car needed new front brakes, two new front tires and front shocks.  I was shocked at the final bill (and not happy).  The tires actually passed inspection, but just barely and given the time of year and the possibility of lousy weather, I wasn't willing to take a chance with tires that "just passed." 

So now it's back to work...at least it's a short week!


  1. Nothing like unexpected repairs to make a dent in the budget. Glad to hear you didn't want to chance driving on the old tires.

  2. Oh no....I can't keep up. Victoria already started? I missed the last two episodes of Sherlock because I can't ever remember to sit down and watch. Thank goodness for On Demand.

  3. All the food sounds SOOOO good.

    Sorry to hear about the car. It's always SOMETHING with cars. I've been waiting over six months for the parts to come in for the airbag recall on my car. Every month it's "NEXT month". They have now promised me mid-February!!! At least MY repair will be free!

    ARGH .....cars!

    Hope that will be all you need for awhile.

  4. Well I'm glad that the food was good, since the car news was not. Grrrr. Cars are like banks - frustrating, but you do need them.

    I'm having trouble warming up to the actress playing Victoria, but I'm gonna watch at least one more episode to see if I can move on ...

  5. Ah yes, I do love a short week. We call the Tuesday around here, "faux monday".

    I am so curious about the beet dumpling - the wrapper part. If you made it from scratch, I'm sorry. I highly recommend using wonton wrappers from the market. If you can get to an Asian market where the sell the super thin ones, they are a dream.

    Do you like Bowl? I'm not a vegetarian, but I play one on t.v. ha!

    I missed Victoria, but I think I will put it on my to do.

  6. I watched Victoria, too, and thoroughly enjoyed. So far, I think it's better than The Crown -- more drama.
    I checked that book out of the library, but haven't cooked from it yet. I also have had good luck using wonton wrappers from the supermarket -- yep, the regular supermarket.

  7. I so loved, loved, loved The Crown. LOVED it. Did not watch Victoria after reading reviews, which were not good.

    (I was also very disappointed in this season of Sherlock. I am probably in the teeny tiny minority here, but I found the final episode, especially, to be distinctly awful.)

  8. I haven't found any series to watch that I like. I have high hopes that I can get Doctor Pol for the first time this saturday night!