Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pretty Flowers and Kathy's Monday Questions

Good Morning!  It is still grey, windy, damp and just kind of ugly around here, so I figured a picture of flowers might help.
I picked these up at Trader Joe's last Wednesday or Thursday.  TJ's flowers seem to last forever and they add a much-needed spot of color to my day.

Yesterday Kathy had a whole new group of questions for us:

*What fear have you conquered?

Well, not conquered…not even close.  I am petrified of snakes and the fact that I have seen a snake in my basement (where my washer and dryer are) twice does not make me happy.

*What’s your favorite spicy  food?

I love spicy food – Thai, Mexican, Chinese, hot peppers, hot sausage.  And I love Sirachi sauce on so many things – my go-to condiment.

*What’s a color you never wear?  


*When sock knitters want a bigger needle project, what do you knit?

A shawl.  Sometimes a sweater, but these (so far) don’t seem to ever get finished.  This year?  A sock yarn blanket from odds and ends…to be started soon (and finished, I swear!).

*When did you last read Shakespeare?

Most likely college when I took a Shakespeare course.  Don’t think I’ve read any since.

*Are you gregarious or solitary?

Both, but leaning towards solitary.  I treasure my alone time!

*What’s your favorite cookie recipe and why?\

Just one?  I can’t remember the name, but I have a recipe for a cookie with chocolate chunks (not chips), dried ginger and dried blueberries.  Oh My!  And also a toffee-pecan cookie.

*Do you dip your PB and J in milk?

WHAT?  Definitely not…but then I do not drink milk either…have never liked it.  I prefer milk in my coffee (don’t like cream or half and half or the fake stuff), but I don’t like to just drink plain milk.

*Do you feel you are becoming a better knitter or have your skills leveled off?

I think I’m getting better!

*When’s the last time you broke a needle?

I think about a year or so ago I broke one of my knit-picks DP needles.  I sent an e-mail and they immediately replaced the entire set!

So far, no takers for my yarn or unwanted needles....I'll give it a little more time and then package up things for a shelter or somewhere!

I think I will finish my friend's second sock today - finally!!!  So looking forward to a new project (or one that was abandoned a little while ago).

Finally, looking forward to going out to dinner with Colin & Mailing tonight.  Bonefish Grill - not my most favorite place, but I did receive a gift card and I won't say no to a free meal - lol.


  1. Snakes! Yikes! Not a fan! So many of us don't wear yellow. Its interesting! Have fun going out to dinner. Its great not to cook~!!

  2. Milk is not something enjoy, which is somewhat ironic since I grew up on a dairy farm. The whole milk on the farm was too creamy tasting. I don't understand why some people even bother to buy skim milk - it's practically all water. If I need milk for recipes, I mix some dry milk. Nothing spoils and it's shelf stable.

  3. Those flowers are so lovely. You're the third person I've heard say that flowers from Trader Joe's last a nice long time.

    When I was destashing, I did pretty well on Ravelry. There is a de-stash group (well there are a few) and that worked well. So there is another suggestions. (Notice I am still trying to stick to my no-new-yarn rule here ...)

  4. Thank you for sharing the flowers. I need to get some but the cats would probably eat them. We haven't seen the sun here in ages. At least it hasn't been snowing.

  5. Looks like most of us do not wear yellow. LOL

    Those toffee-pecan cookies sound really good. Our local coffee shop makes something similar and they are DELICIOUS!

  6. I am terrified of snakes, so much so that I cannot even touch a picture of a snake. Seeing one on television is...well, let's not talk about it.

    I have conquered my fear of driving long distances. Now, I take lots of solitary car trips to visit friends and to see things that only interest me. It has been a real plus.