Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year

Hello and Welcome 2017!  I'm hoping for excellent times this year.

I'm still on break - yay!  Returning to work tomorrow is not something I am looking forward to, particularly since it is grey, rainy and chilly (high 30's, low 40's) with more of the same forecast for tomorrow.  Sounds like a perfect day to just stay in bed.

New Year's Eve I did (just barely) manage to stay up till midnight.  After watching Mariah Carey, I'm wondering why I bothered.....

Yesterday, New Year's Day, we did manage to get out for a walk for about an hour.  We walked around Mill Grove (a place very nearby where Audubon lived...they now have a museum and gift shop but everything was closed).  A lot of traffic nearby, so it wasn't quite the peaceful, quiet walk we had hoped for, but it felt wonderful to get outside and move!  We walked down to St. Gabe's (a boarding school run by the De la Salle Fathers).  They have some farm animals - cows, goats, llamas, etc.
On our way back through a field and into woods, we saw this tree with a huge gall.  These things always fascinate me.
Some creature could make a cozy home in there!
Then we came upon a chicken coop on the Mill Grove property.  They were all busy pecking away to find something to eat.
Later in the day Colin & Mailing came over for dinner.  I made red beans and rice - a traditional Cajun/New Orleans dish for New Years.  I did (finally) manage to finish Colin's socks for Christmas...only a week late.  The yarn is KnitPicks Hawthorne which I have used in the past and really like.  However, this time the brown yarn was horrible!  The green was softer and easier to work with; the brown was stiff and unyielding.  I'm glad to be done with these.
The last pair I made for him were on #2 needles and he said they were a little loose, so I went down a size.  I also made the leg portion longer (80 rows after ribbing) and the foot as well...but when they were finished I could barely get them on my feet.  I soaked them and then put them on sock blockers and they did stretch out.  But again, I'm glad to have them finished.  I started another pair of "Christmas socks" - a gift for a friend.  Fortunately we have not gotten together yet to exchange gifts - lol.  Probably in a few weeks which gives me time to get these done.  I managed to get the first sock about halfway done in one day, so I think I will be ok.

It's afternoon and still grey and damp.  I think I will go upstairs to read and then nap.  Later we are going over to Colin & Mailing's for dinner - Hot Pot - which should be fun.


  1. I've had yarn like the brown yarn. Sure takes most of the fun out of the knitting, doesn't it? They look good though, in spite of nasty yarn.

    I saw Mariah Carey on a talk show the other day. She could barely put a sentence together. I never thought she was a rocket scientist, but it was pitiful. I wondered if she was drunk or on drugs.

    Between her and Madonna, I have seen way to much aging skin! Girls . . . it is time to put some CLOTHES on!

  2. beans and rice. I made hopping john which is similar. You've got to have your beans for New Years! My grandma always wrapped a dime in tin foil to boil with beans for luck.

  3. Getting out and walking really feels good. I'm willing to walk in temps as low as 10 degrees; but it's hard to force myself out the door when it's any colder than that.
    Is that a round, brick barn? I love round barns!

  4. Too cold and icy here for walks - another 6" of snow last night. That's 13" since Christmas Day.

    Tidying my sewing room today for a fresh start in 2017.

  5. Your walk looked beautiful. I stayed in and rested up as I was back to work today, well actually I did not take any time off at all, silly me I should have.

  6. I love seeing farm animals on my walks. Love it. I fight with some socks too. And Im glad when I beat them and they are off the needles! Good for you. Its gloomy here....I want fresh snow. Mariah was ridiculous. How NOT to roll with the punches. So full of herself. Not a good example

  7. Sounds like a nice time for New Years. Sorry you have to go back to work. DH has to as well. Hard to get back to the old routine.

  8. Warm (50's!) and rainy here in NEO today before the Polar Plunge. I got out and walked yesterday, too, before these rains hit. You're right--it feels good to get out and MOVE.

    I hate picky yarn to knit with. It turns the whole enterprise into a job rather than a pleasure.

  9. Your New Year's sounds lovely. Mill Grove is on my list of places I want to visit, since Audubon and I are now apparently buddies ...

    The socks look really great, but when yarn is annoying, you don't even really get the fun of the knitting.