Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hot Pot

Hello All,

What a dismal, grey, rainy, chilly day it is.  Perfect for going back to work (not).

Last night's Hot Pot dinner at Colin & Mailing's was excellent.  I had never had this before and really enjoyed it.  For those unfamiliar, it is sort of like fondu, except that you don't skewer things and hold them in cheese or oil; rather you drop items into hot (boiling) broth.  Their hot pot has two sides so we had a mild broth and a (very) spicy broth. 

To go in the broth we had:  fish balls (doesn't that sound disgusting???  but they are sort of like chicken nuggets except they were Pollack and they were not breaded and deep fried - they were good), squid, shrimp, beef, nappa cabbage, bok choy, mushrooms, Korean dumplings (with pork and veggies in them), seaweed and cellophane noodles.

You start by mixing a sauce in your bowl.  I used Siracha, sesame oil, peanut sauce and a little soy sauce.  Colin & Mailing each added a raw egg to their sauce.  Then you pull cooked stuff out of the pot and put it in your bowl.

The dumplings were HUGE as you can see above.  The round white things are the fish balls.  All the red stuff in my bowl were pieces of chili peppers.  I love hot/spicy stuff, but this was way over the top.  My nose kept running and at one point I could hardly speak!!  Luckily I had some seltzer water in addition to the wine. 

A fun experience and one I would love to do again!

And, the socks that I had such a horrible time knitting for Colin ended up not fitting him...after all that...But, they do fit Mailing.  I've promised to make her a more "girly" pair and also to make Colin another pair...with different yarn for sure.

Now it is back to work.....


  1. Sounds like a fun evening. I've never heard of a Hot Pot dinner, but it looks tasty as well as healthy.

    Sorry about the socks but thrilled they fit Mailing.

  2. Hot pot sounds like something my husband would love.

    As for the socks ....now you have something to keep you busy on those cold winter nights! Happy knitting.

  3. I haven't had Hot Pot for a while, but I used to really like it.

    Fortunately, after all of that the socks fit someone! It's nice to have an excuse to knit another pair though - hopefully the yarn you use will be kinder to you.

  4. Oh, good golly that looks delish!!!!!

  5. My goodness that sounds way too hot for me. We've been eating our canned cowboy candy and I can handle it only because of the sweetness mellowing the heat.

  6. It sounds delicious Vera. I'd love to try it.

  7. what a fun dinner.....and look at all the knitting you now have lined up for 2017! A great start to the year.

  8. What an interesting dinner. I'd never, but it s fun to see others! Those socks sure were a challenge! here's to more fun socks soon!

  9. what a fun dinner and I'm not sure about those fish balls but if you say they were good then I believe you!

  10. I would have passed on the fish, perhaps, but loved the rest. I think one probably eats less when it's in bits and pieces like that.

    Of course, if it's as hot as Hellfire, even moreso. ;-)

  11. Oh that looks so good! Yummy! Glad the socks fit someone, albeit not who they were intended for.