Monday, January 23, 2017

Does Anyone Want Some Yarn?

Hello All,

Hopefully the post title will get some attention.  I was busy, busy, busy this weekend.  Most of that occurred on Sunday when I re-arranged my knitting and stitching "stuff."  All my yarn, tools, etc. was upstairs in our bedroom, but the totes and shopping bags, etc. were piling up and it was a huge mess and a pain to try to find anything.  My stitching stuff has been downstairs in the office room.  I decided to switch things around. 

First I switched books which ended up being a BIG workout.  Downstairs with knitting books, upstairs with stitching books.  Numerous trips up and down with arms loaded.  Yikes I've got a lot of books!  Next was moving all my stitching patterns, some threads, etc. upstairs and bringing the yarn downstairs.  All of this necessitated looking at things I had not seen in years and I found a bunch of yarn that I know will not be used by me anytime soon.

So here goes.  Please take a look and if there is anything you would like, let me know.  First one to respond wins!!

First up is some yarn I bought probably 25 or more years ago!

The black is Patons chunky cotton.  Skeins are 100 grams and there are 14 skeins plus some.

The chocolate brown is 100% merino superwash by Schoeller Esslinger.  There is one 100 gram skein (which may be a slightly different shade) and then seven 50 gram skeins (plus a bit).

Next up:

The bottom three skeins are 50 grams each and are a 50% mohair/50% acrylic blend.  Sort of a sage green.

The top 3 skeins are a mix.  The two on the left are rayon/nylon/acrylic.  The one on the right is wool/cotton/acrylic/nylon.

The final yarn (for now anyway):

The bottom left turquoise skein is 50 grams of Martha Stewart roving wool.

The Lamb's Pride (bottom right) is 113 grams (approx. 190 yards) and is 85% wool/15% mohair.

The cones and spools at the top are all cotton (thinking they could be used on a loom???).

I also came across some needles that I do not want:

Some double pointed needles in various sizes that (I believe) were my aunt's.  I prefer my bamboo needles.  And then two sets of Knitter's Pride interchangeable circular needles.  I bought one set while on vacation and found that they didn't connect properly (could easily have been operator issues - lol).  The company sent me a replacement set.  I just don't like them!  I've tried them but I must twist needles as I knit, because the joins come un-done.

OK - that's the extent of the cleanout for now.  There may be more yarn, I'm not sure.  I ran out of steam late in the afternoon.  If you see anything you would like, please e-mail me.  I'll be happy to mail stuff out with a thank you note for helping me make more room for my sock yarn!!


  1. It feels good to have everything organized, doesn't it? I did a HUGE clean out before we moved to Jacksonville. Now I know that everything I have is something I want and will use.

    Good luck with the continuing clean out. Have fun!

  2. I did a huge clean out recently and donated a ton of yarn. Out with the old!

  3. Good for you for getting a good start!

    If you have any unclaimed yarn, let me know. I have the address of a shelter here in Philly that has a knitting group and they always are looking for yarn, needles, etc. They would be thrilled to have it, I know!

    Looking at your goodies though, I'd be surprised if anything is left. I would be tempted myself, but am trying oh so hard to not add yarn, at least not for a while. :-)

  4. Thanks for the offer, but my own stash needs purged.

    Switching rooms sounds like a lot of work, but dealing with stairs makes it even more difficult.

  5. I did that this summer and it was a job. I never really use my knitting books anymore but I can't part with them. Good luck with the giveaway. That's so nice of you! There must be someone out there that needs all those goodies....

  6. The chocolate brown is 100% merino superwash by Schoeller Esslinger. There is one 100 gram skein (which may be a slightly different shade) and then seven 50 gram skeins (plus a bit).
    I would be interested in this if you still have it. My email is