Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Warm Toes

Yes Friends, it was 32 degrees at my house this morning...and frost evident on my drive to work.  But my toes are warm (just taken by my desk a few minutes pants are an olive green...not the color showing in the picture):
And my socks really do match my pants (not that you can tell from the pic above).  I can't remember the brand of yarn, but it was some I bought two summers ago at the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival. 
Meanwhile, work is crazy-busy.  I've been working on spreadsheets ALL morning and felt like my eyes were crossing, so I just took a break and went outside for some fresh air.  Good news:  the sun is out and it is no longer 32 degrees.  Yay.  And, it is supposed to warm up for the weekend.  Hoping we can do our camping get-away as of Friday afternoon.
Meanwhile, I am planning to join Kat in knitting Sigla.  I ordered my yarn from the Nordic Store and just found out they won't have some of the yarn for 2-3 weeks...and it is a 2-6 week delivery time from across the wide, wide ocean.  So I cancelled that order and will be ordering from Tolt later today.  Hopefully they will have what I want in stock and won't take so long to deliver.  At this rate, everyone will have their Sigla sweaters done before my yarn arrives!!
On a warm note:  I have to go to Naples the week after Thanksgiving for work and I was just able to book a massage for one of the afternoons there.  Woo-Hoo!!


  1. It was frosty here this morning too. I tried to put on some woolies then got a hot flash and off they came. Still too early for me. All that heat from the summer must have gotten into my bones or something.
    Sigla is a beauty. That may have to go in the queue.

  2. I am happy that the cooler weather has arrived, but I also realize I am generally in the minority about that. Love the socks!

    Naples sounds like it would be lovely. I've never been there, but hey a trip away and a massage sounds good to me.

  3. Well, I LOVE your socks. A massage sounds heavenly and Im glad you warmed up today. Get yourself a nice cuppa this afternoon if things get crazy again!

  4. I like the cooler weather, but not *S*, or its precursor, sleet, which we got today. Ugh. Here in Northeast Ohio (NEO), we don't dare Speak The Word, or we may Talk It Up. No one wants to turn on the Lake Erie *S* Machine and have it produce the dreaded Lake Effect stuff.

    Your feet look stylishly toasty. I am already eyeing my thermostat and thinking about jacking it up even higher.

  5. It's sock weather here - chilly in the morning and warm in the afternoon. It's nice to actually have a gorgeous Fall: the last two years, it went from summer to winter seemingly overnight.

  6. Nice socks! Very fun that you will be knitting a Sigla! I love yoke sweaters. I knitted a Stopover by MJ Mucklestone -- love her work. Hope your yarn arrives quickly. Tolt is great, and as long as they have the yarn in stock, you should have it quickly.

  7. I know that feeling of work being crazy-busy! I can't believe it's not Friday!
    I love MJ Mucklestone, but I can't wear pullovers. They are too warm for me. I'm a cardigan girl.
    Naples, Florida? Or Italy?

  8. I am also knitting the Sigla. I am fortunate to have Tolt as my local yarn store so I picked my yarn up last week. Be sure to read Kat's Ravelry notes.

  9. Here I am reading this on Friday afternoon, hope you are on your way to a fun camping adventure.