Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Fun and a Wonderful Package!!

Well, I made it back safely and in one piece from my “Sisters’ Weekend” getaway.  The group is Leslie, my best friend for over 50 years (!!!) and her two sisters – one of whom is about 2 years older than us and the other one is a year younger and moi.  We live all over the Eastern half of the US and take turns hosting the weekend.  This year we were at Leslie’s in North Carolina (fortunately we were not at Merelyn’s in Daytona!  That will be our location next year.).


We shopped and played with Leslie’s granddaughter who has to be the cutest, smartest 4 year old ever.  She is a pistol.  And we cooked.  A lot.  We all love to cook and eat (and drink wine).  We had home-made pasta sauce, fresh salmon, home-made pizza, a pork loin which we used a dry rub on (fabulous) with roasted potatoes and baked apples.  And we went out to eat.  We also went to a spa on Friday and I had the best (and cheapest!!) massage I have had in years.

I didn't take any pictures (too busy talking/laughing/cuddling a 4 year old/consuming wine), but Janet took a bunch, so hopefully some will be e-mailed my way before too long.


A shout-out to Bob, Leslie’s husband, who put up with an additional 3 women in the house.  The estrogen level was extremely high, as was the noise level from chatter and laughter.


The time away was exactly what I needed.  Re-entry into the work world has been a struggle.  But I’m doing it and next week will be easier.


Now, look what arrived in the mail for me yesterday:


A little while ago I was fortunate to win a give-away that Bridget had.  She spoiled me with the most beautiful hand-dyed yarn (the colorway is “Estuary” - is that not a beautiful name for some gorgeous yarn??), some yummy smelling loose tea with an infuser that comes with its own saucer (so clever), a Barnes & Noble gift card (YAY) and peanut butter Kandy Kakes (my most favorite Tasty Cake) which Fletch has already made a move to take – lol.  And Bridget even sent treats for Tyg.  He hasn’t seen them yet because he was running around outside until after I went to bed and then went out early this a.m. before I even got a shower.  I just know he is going to go crazy over the food and tea bag catnip (again, so clever).


Thank you Bridget.  Your kindness has made this week of going back to work just that much easier and nicer.


By the way, after casting on new, plain vanilla socks to take on my trip I did absolutely NO knitting.  None.  Not even one row or even one stitch.  I have not knit since last Wednesday morning before I left town.  I’m hoping that I finally caught up enough on sleep that I can put in a few rows tonight…we shall see.


  1. So happy that you liked the contents of your package!

    I haven't knit in three days, mostly because my husband has been working so there isn't anyone around to distract Jack the kitten from the yarn ...

  2. Congratulations - your prize box contained some wonderful items.

    I haven't knit in two days: I've been sewing instead.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your "sisters"! So glad. Lovely giveaway goodies! Hope you get back to your knitting soon!

  4. Your weekend sounds amazing, nothing like spending time with women you love.

  5. Im so happy you had a wonderful time. Love your gift package too. Nothing like fun mail! Glad you all make a point of seeing one another is so important