Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pictures from Sisters' Weekend

Hi Everyone,


Not sure if I missed part of a year or not, but we are right back in summertime.  It is HOT outside today – supposed to hit 84.  What’s up with that?


Just received some pictures from Sisters’ Weekend e-mailed to me, so thought I would share a few favorites.  First up, all of us.  Left to right:  Merelyn, me, Janet and Leslie.  The little cutie pie is Emory – Leslie’s granddaughter (and mine as well since Leslie and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old!!).


Here is Leslie with Emory.  They are just so cute together.


And, me with Emory.  She calls me “Grandma Nothing” which is what my son has always called Leslie’s mom (my second mother).  Long story, but the first time Colin met Madeline he was not in a very good mood.  When she asked him what he would like to call her, Colin shouted NOTHING!  Madeline responded saying that was Perfect and that from then on she would be Grandma Nothing.  To this day Colin (now age 27) calls her Grandma Nothing.  And, since I am Leslie’s daughter’s second mother, her daughter calls me Grandma Nothing.


Work is crazy – one of my busiest times of the year.  But, that’s good because the days fly by.  And, in these times, I’m just thankful to have a job with people I really like.  Tomorrow is our Halloween Party at work.  I’ll try to get some pictures – the costumes folks come up with are usually pretty good and the food is always fabulous.


Next week is our Benefits Fair to kick off open enrollment in November and I just found out that our (employee) contribution to our health plan is going up 20% this year.  Yikes!  That is a huge jump.  I understand the reason (we are self-funded and claims were very high this past year), but I also know that whatever raise I receive as of January 1st will not come close to compensating for the increase in health care costs, so ,my take home pay will be decreasing…not happy…but trying to remember I am lucky to be employed.


And, finally, I’ll be heading to Naples, FL at the end of November/beginning of December for a meeting (or as our CFO calls it – another boondoggle!).  I’m trying to find things for folks to do down there when we have free time (most of the time)…I’m hoping to book a massage.


No real knitting progress, though I carry it to work and back each day.  I usually end up working through any lunch time.  And last night by the time I got home from yoga I was exhausted.  I need to get cranking because I am thinking of joining Kat and knit Sigla.  So pretty!!  I didn’t make Stopover last year (but still want to) but I love Sigla just as much.


That’s it for now.  Hope you all are well and enjoying October.  Fletch and I are going camping for the weekend – hoping for nice weather and great campfires!!


  1. Ohhh All my bloggy pals seem to be off to the campsites. I hope you have great campfires, smores and fresh air. Happy car knitting. Your sister photo is so joyful

  2. You all look so happy together. I love the Grandma Nothing story, I think it is a perfect name. As for health care don't even talk to me. We had to go on Cobra, oh boy is that taking a chunk of money.

    1. Oh Cobra sucks for sure. It was a great time together. I'm so lucky to have these girls/women in my life for 50+ years!

    2. Oh Cobra sucks for sure. It was a great time together. I'm so lucky to have these girls/women in my life for 50+ years!

  3. Grandma Nothing, that's hilarious! Daughter used to call her dad's mom Grandma Peanut because her dog was named Peanut. She HATED that.

  4. Love seeing the photo of you. It's nice to put a face with a name.

    20% YOWZA, but like Meredith, we are also on COBRA right now. It certainly hits the wallet HARD!

  5. Looks like a fun group of people - and Grandma Nothing is the best name ever!

    Sigh. My employer offers the worst benefits ever, so I am on my husband's plan, which is better. But like anything else, it goes up all the time, and I certainly do use those benefits (maybe I'm the single reason it goes up?).

    I didn't knit a Stopover last year, but then I went to a booksigning, and quite a few people were wearing theirs, and then I wished I had.

    Have a wonderful camping trip.