Monday, September 13, 2021


 Hello, Hello!

How are you this morning?  I am doing well.  First of all, thank you so much for the Birthday wishes.  I had a fine day (despite having two conference calls in the morning) and I bugged out of work early and spent the afternoon doing fun things (knitting and stitching).  All I wanted for dinner was pizza, so I got a spinach/mushroom/roasted red pepper pizza.  Fletch ordered Chinese.  And Fletch fetched while I sat and had a glass of wine.  Lovely.

My friend Leslie sent a package filled with birthday gifts and a card.  Also a set of cordial glasses.  These are glasses that her Mom (my second Mom) used and they are gorgeous:

I love the Dogwood blossoms on them (and the blossoms are 3 dimensional!).  I haven't used them yet, but you can bet I'll be enjoying an after dinner sip in one of these!  It just means so much to me to have something from Mom.

Saturday dawned another gorgeous day (our weather over the last few days has been what I would call perfect!) and I drove up to Dee's and from there we went to the NJ Sheep & Wool Festival.  YAY!!  An in-person event full of sheep and yarn.  There were not as many vendors as in the past and not as many sheep either.  I would guess that a scant half of people we saw had masks on.  Let's look at some of the cute animals:

My what big horns you have!  The front guy must have been Baa-ing for a long time because he sounded very hoarse!


Sweet Boy!

Yours truly petting the most friendly sheep in the world!  I think he cried when Dee and I walked away.

A sheep in a coat!

Is purple a better color for me?

And what you really want to see:  what I bought!!  I did not go crazy by any means.  first up a skein of gorgeous blue yarn for a scarf for Zhongren:

A skein I couldn't resist - the colors just called out to me.  The colourway is "Hiking Trail" and I thought that it would knit up into gorgeous man socks.

And lastly some mini skeins that I will use in a cowl I'm planning to make for Bonnie.  I have another set that will blend with these very nicely (and Bonnie loves purples and pinks).

The cowl I plan to make is Land of Sweets by Helen Stewart.

So, I was very restrained!!  And Dee?  She bought NOTHING!!!  I could not believe it.

We ended up at Inn of the Hawke for a delicious lunch (outside on the patio) and then went for coffee and knitting at Amsterdam Coffee - a lovely, new coffee shop outside of New Hope.  The owner is really into Bonsai and had dozens of bonsai plants inside and outside.

The temps have been gradually rising around here and I think this week will be back to hot weather.  But it is September, so that will not last too long.  Thanks for sticking through this long post.  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Those glasses are beautiful and so are your yarn purchases! You got some lovely yarn to knit into gifts. I'm sorry I missed you, Dee, and the sheep, but glad you had such a nice birthday weekend!

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  2. Your post is full of loveliness! The cordial glasses are beautiful -- and your yarn purchases are, too! Glad you had such a great time out with Dee! (At the Michigan Fiber Festival last month . . . masks were REQUIRED. And people complied.) :-)

  3. What a lovely remembrance of your dear Mom. Each time you use them, you can toast her memory.

    Love the pix of the woolly, horned sheep. They are so cute. And I'm so glad you got to go to the Festival with Dee for a birthday treat. It sounds like you had a good day with some really pretty purchases as well.

  4. We'll have to get together again some time. LOL That WAS a fun day.

    I don't know whether you are interested, but those bonsai plants are all for sale.

  5. Sheep!!!! I love Kim's yarn and fiber. Darn I miss fiber festivals. My favorite one is being held in person in VA on the 24th but with Daughter expecting and who knows what emergencies coming down the pike I don't think I should risk the crowds.

  6. how exciting to be at a festival! I love the yarns you adopted :)

  7. Fluffy is darn cute! I love the sapphire yarn you selected for Zhongren‘s scarf - it’s gorgeous.

  8. Your yarn scores are awesome. I went to HE1en's site on Rave1ry and saw so many patterns ! The cow1 you choose wi11 be fun to make and to wear!

  9. Love your purchases! You were very restrained, I have to say, and I'm impressed that you only bought yarn with specific projects in mind. Often I get overcome by the yarn fumes at festivals and come home with yarn that's beautiful but has nothing specific planned for it.

  10. Love the purple sheep coat! And the sheep. I'm sure you and Dee had the BEST time! You restrained yourself very well, but I sure did like that yarn that you chose. All of it.

  11. Oh, how nice to visit a wool festival! Your yarns are beautiful and I am sure we will see them in use on a post soon enough!