Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday 9/22/21

 Hello, Hello!

It's Wednesday and for me it's my next to last day of work before vacation.  YAY!!  Yesterday I did actually manage to check a number of things off my "must do before vacation" list.  The kitchen floor has been scrubbed, the bathrooms are clean, the upstairs has been dusted and vacuumed.  I returned the things that didn't fit to TJMaxx and picked up the needed prosciutto for last night's dinner (which was delicious!).  Today's plan includes making the (new to me) recipe for pumpkin cookies. floss arrived!  After finally hearing back from the company that "the USPS dropped the ball," the skein of floss showed up in our afternoon mail.  I let the company know (they had said they would ship again), I also let them know how disappointed I was in their service (or lack there of).  But that's over now and I can take the small sampler on vacation with me.  Joy!

Happy Fall Equinox!  The mornings are definitely darker and Fletch and I have noticed more of our usual winter birds beginning to show up - a number of chickadees and cardinals and we had a fly catcher hanging out yesterday.  You know I'm fond of crows...

Well yesterday afternoon we actually had a murder of crows!  There had to be a dozen or so soaring over our property and our neighbors.  And they were silent!  Weird.  After that we noticed about half a dozen bluebirds in our yard!  They are so beautiful and we don't normally see them.  There must have been something tasty to eat in our yard because they would sit on a branch of our apple tree and then swoop down to grab a grub or some kind of bug.  When they would fly and the sun hit their wings and back at just the right angle, their blue was just about blinding.

Anyway, here we are at another Unraveled Wednesday.  As usual, I'm linking up with Kat and her band of Merry Unravelers to talk making and reading.  On the making side, here is the state of Peggy's first plain sock:

I managed 5 more rows after dinner while Fletch read, but that was it (busy day noted above).  I hope to add some more today as well as put in some more rows on the 2nd French Market Bag.  Here is the state of that:

Glad to be past that very fiddly beginning!  Now if I can just keep my fingers from cramping up with this thicker yarn and bigger needles, I'll be golden.

As far as reading goes, I finally finished Conjure Women which I found to be ok.  It was a bit of a slog for me in places and seemed to go on too long.  Just my opinion.  I need to get it back to the library today (and pay a fine - I think it was due back yesterday or Monday).  I charged up my Kindle yesterday to take on vacation and I have one "real" book that I plan to take.  I'll also throw in "Table of Contents" by John McPhee so that Fletch and I can continue reading after dinner.

Last night I read a few more essays from the book Fletch gave me about different book stores around the country.  One of the essays I read was about Book People located in Austin - where Colin & Mailing will be moving come January!  Looks like a wonderful store, so I need to remember to tell them about it, as well as put it on the list of places to visit when Fletch and I head to Austin to see those kids.

Well, time to get rolling.  I need another cup of coffee and, perhaps, a bit of breakfast.  Be sure to head over to Kat's space to see what everyone is up to these days.


  1. I love that mug and smile every time you show it!

    I'm glad the floss finally showed up. I know the USPS has its issues, but it sounds to me like the fault was with the merchant in this case.

    Hope the last days of work before vacation go quickly!

  2. That mug is AWESOME! Nice start on those socks... I am hoping the remainder of your week goes smoothly! :)

  3. Have fun on your vacation. We spent two weeks camping the north shore of Minnesota a few weeks ago. Fall camping is the best! Are you aware of the Harvest Hosts program? If not, look it in.

  4. I'm weary of the USPS dropping the ball these days. If your package came anywhere near Cleveland, OH, then it's entirely possible. I've had packages languish there for weeks at a time. Trucks full of stuff were parked there for months during last Christmas.

    The postmaster general has got to go.

    Funny you should mention the birds; I was just wondering when the robins left. All of a sudden, I had noticed they were gone. And the only thing I've been hearing as far as birdsong lately is bluejays.

    Still love that mug!

  5. You HAVE been busy. I like the mug and now that you mention it, robins haven't been seen much. Lots of sparrows, crows and something on the path at night that I haven't actually seen, just heard, so it's a bit scary.

  6. VACATION!!! I like to come home to a clean house as well :)

  7. I always think that my morning starts off better if I have my tea in a favorite mug. This morning I had to drink tea from a paper cup at the dealership and it just wasn't right. So now I'm enjoying a second cup in a good mug and it's much better. I love your mug and that pink sock!

  8. May the next two days go smoothly so you can start your vacation on the right foot. Your cookies reminded me of a pumpkin bread recipe that I wanted to try. Love the pink sock yarn.

  9. I am hoping my vulture friends hit the road soon. They were fun for a while but now I am over them constantly banging on the door for a snack. I am hoping we have a cold snap soon to nudge them on their journey south for the winter.

  10. Beautiful sock--glad the embroidery threads came in time for vacation for you!! Good job on the cleaning!

  11. Have a great time on your vacation. Looks like you are packing a lot of relaxing things to keep you busy.

  12. Oh I don't Iike fiddIey starts!!! You wiII have a great vacation

  13. That sock yarn is nice and warm for fall!
    Love your mug!

    Currently we are getting a month's worth of rain over two days. It's VERY chilly. Relic sat on the sunporch looking sad all day.

  14. It looks like you are ready for vacation by the time you wrote this post. I am going to look for the book about bookstores. I often look for independent bookstores when we travel (which isn't very often these days) but it is fun to dream.