Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday September 7 2021

 Good Morning!

Welcome back from a long Labor Day Weekend.  Our weekend was nice, though a bit busy in places.  Colin & Mailing and Mailing's parents came over for a cookout on Sunday (it drizzled and we ended up having dinner inside...but it cleared enough for a fire in the pit a little later), so there was cooking and cleaning that took place.  Friday night I made a big batch of cookies.  Saturday morning I made some lemon sorbet.  Dessert for Sunday was taken care of.  Then I cleaned (scrubbing floors, etc.).  Sunday I made a big pasta salad with a lot of veggies in it and some marinated eggplant.  Bonnie brought a couple of side dishes.  We grilled two pork loins and I did end up making a fig sauce (with onions and balsamic vinegar) to go on the pork.  It was so good!

There was also a mini disaster on Friday!  I was making the candied jalapenos and took my eyes off the pan and it started to boil over.  Sugar, vinegar, etc.  Oh yuck!  When I lifted the pan off the burner it dripped onto the center of the burner and started flaming.  I was able to stop the flames (thank God) but drips happended on the floor and the counter and my new sink.  Everything hardened into a sticky mess.  I was worried that my new stove would have a non-functioning burner, but all is ok.  The mess was cleaned up (Fletch to the rescue) and no one can tell that it happened!

And here we are on Tiny Needle Tuesday.  Just a small amount of stitching was accomplished inbetween kitchen stuff.  First up is the Coverlet Birds mini piece:

Just some more blue in the center.  Yesterday I ordered more of the blue thread as I know I don't have enough to finish this piece.  I was surprised to find that this thread (Ginny Thompson Flower Thread) is still being manufactured.

And here is the Pomegranate Birds sampler:

I managed to complete the top right flower to (sort of) match the one on the left.  Still a bit of work to be done on this one.  I'm looking forward to getting to the birds in the lower section, but first will complete the top part.  As a reminder, this is what the overall piece will (or should) look like when I finish:

Today should be a quiet day - here's hoping.  Tomorrow is the day I have to be in the office ALL DAY LONG.  I have not done that in over a year and a half and am NOT looking forward to it.  I'll be lucky if I can keep my eyes open all day - LOL.  Lisa, the Lame Duck's West coast replacement, will be visiting our corporate offices and I've lined up folks to meet with her all day and I'm on the agenda to meet with her at 4 p.m.  I just hope that no one needs as much time as I've allowed and the day can end a bit earlier.  I also received an email indicating that the office has reinstated it's mask policy.  I feel better about that.

That's all I've got for today.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.


  1. I should have known that you would start your post with descriptions about delicious food! It all sounds wonderful (except for the stove mishap), especially the fig sauce with pork. Your samplers are looking good, and I hope tomorrow ends up being shorter than planned. Masks seem necessary, especially if you're going to be indoors ALL DAY.

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  2. The food all sounds so delicious, Vera! Yum! (but darn that stove mishap... I just hate when that happens!) I hope tomorrow is not as stressful as it sounds (and I am with Bonny... masks are my de rigueur indoor attire!)

  3. Great job on the stitching! Your weekend sounds enjoyable without the cooking mishap! Hope tomorrow goes well!

  4. Ack, sorry to hear about the sticky mess! Glad Fletch was able to help get it all cleaned up. I have made similar messes in the past, and it's not fun to clean that kind of stuff up.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow goes smoothly and quickly!

  5. I love that pork takes condiments so wonderfully, and your fig sauce sounds perfect. I bet it would be awesome on brie, too. Add a glass of pinot noir, and it sounds like heaven.

    What an unfortunate mess in your new kitchen! Nothing is sneakier than a sugary spill, too. Glad things got cleaned up and that your weekend was a good one.

  6. So glad the cooking mishap is now just a blip on the radar of the past -- and that it didn't cause any damage to your new stove. Sounds like a good weekend, Vera. Love the stitching! And I hope your full day at the office goes smoothly. :-)

  7. Scary! Glad all was cleaned up. Fletch is a GOOD GUY!!!

    Good luck at the office tomorrow. Maybe it will go fast.

  8. Burnt on sugar is the worst! I have a glass top and discovered wet paper towel placed on the areas and left for an hour or two speed up the cleaning process. Fingers crossed that your new boss can speed things along and your office day will end early.

  9. Oh, dear! I did the same thing with a pot of rice last night and I was so happy my new appliances haven't been delivered yet. I've been used to living in a work zone and not having to care about such things.
    Your stitching projects are coming along nicely. I might have to order more floss myself. I always underestimate how much I need.

  10. I set a wooden spoon on fire this week, so there's that.

  11. Hello,
    Your dinners sound delicious, especially the fig sauce. I am glad the accident in the kitchen was not too serious and could be cleaned up. Your stitching projects look nice. Take care, have a happy day!

  12. You've been busy, busy. Sorry about having to work all day tomorrow. That's not fun is it?
    Your food all sounds yummy but I'm sure sorry about the mess. I've been there, done that and it's not fun to clean up.
    This puppy is keeping us hopping. How can a 2 lb ball of fur run an entire house? I've barely picked up my crochet hook and no knitting needles since we got her! I'm constantly taking her outside to go potty or just holding her.

  13. You have been busy. The fig sauce sounds delicious. I'm glad the stove cleaned up well. It's always something.