Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday 9/14/21

 Good Morning!

The heat has definitely returned around here.  But there are signs that the seasons are changing.  We have noticed that there are not as many birds around when we sit on the patio between 4 and 5 in the afternoon.  Some have already started on their migration paths, and not all of our winter friends have arrived yet.  We are seeing more chickadees which is nice.  The deer are coming down for apples - even when we sit on the patio they will walk right down the yard...keeping their eyes on us of course.  

Our neighbors across the street are away again, so I went over the other day and cut some of the last of the zinnias from their garden.  Rob really cleaned up things over there - all the squash vines have been pulled up.  There is one pumpkin hanging on a back fence and some hot peppers still turning red, but everything else is pretty much finished.  Our garden is still messy looking.  Fletch has been focused on other things - like getting stuff together for our camping vacation in 2 weeks.  Plus, now that it's hot again, he won't want to be out in the garden at all!  The figs have slowed down ripening.  I think there will be more to pick as there are a lot on the tree, but they are still small and green.

This past week provided a lot of opportunity for stitching!  The upper parts of both samplers have been completed.  First up the Coverlet Birds piece:

There is a bottom section to this, but I am waiting for my blue thread to arrive.  The majority of it is in blue and I'm not sure I have sufficient left to stitch it all.

The Pomegranate Birds sampler really saw a lot of stitching:

Next up will be the two colorful birds on either side of the urn.  And, the urn will be filled in and will include my initials and 2021.  I love the way this has turned out so far.

I'm hoping for an easy day today, but the work emails have already been flying back and forth.  I have an eye doctor appointment at 11 which I am looking forward to.  My right eye is still quite blurry after the cataract surgery, so I'm anxious for the doctor to take a look at it.  I'm hoping to get a glasses prescription today, but with my right eye issues, I'm not sure.

Tomorrow will be another day in the office.  Hopefully not all day!  I'm meeting Bill in the morning and we will purge more files and papers from his office.  And I have an in-person meeting from 11 - 12 (so it will be a longer day than I like!).

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday - enjoy!!


  1. You have got a lot finished on the Pomegranate project!
    It has gotten hot again and I hate it. Back to muggy and buggy. Ugh. 90's in September...there should be a law.

  2. It got muggy and hot again here, too. I was hoping our A/C days would be done for the season . . . but nope. Had to turn it back on again yesterday. And your stitching looks great, Vera. I love both samplers. :-)

  3. It's been hot again here, too, which isn't entirely unwelcome but I'd prefer the mid- to upper 70s we had last week. It feels strange to be in skimpy clothes and sweating when the leaves are changing colors!

    I hope all goes well at the eye doctor this morning.

  4. Mid-September weather is not supposed to be like this! I have high hopes for cooler weather next week. Your stitching is beautiful and is really coming along. I hope your eye issues get resolved and tomorrow is a short day!

  5. Our AC has been running non-stop. Highs in the 90's predicted this week AND next. Maybe by October we'll be able to open the windows.
    I hope your day is a quiet and fast one and I'll be praying for your doctors visit.

  6. Oooh, the pomegranate project is looking GREAT!! We've had a couple of nice-ish days (AC off) but it's heating up again, as is the humidity. Yuck. Not what I envisioned for a September camping weekend!

  7. The pomegranate on the top is so cool.

    The seasons are definitely turning. Our black walnut has already changed to yellow and is dropping leaves ....and walnuts.

  8. It was such a disappointment to turn the AC back on and feel the humidity outside. We're back in the soup.

    My basil did poorly this year; it's brown already and never really gave me much, unfortunately. I made only a few jars of pesto. Even my parsley didn't thrive. My sage and chives and oregano did, though.

    Your stitching looks great. I'm partial to the pomegranate project. Its colours really speak to me moreso than the other one. It also looks more graceful.

    Hope your eye doctor has some good news for you.

  9. The samplers are looking good!
    I was downright cold and rainy here yesterday, but now it's hot an humid again. I told Dave Mother Nature is on a bender again!
    We've definitely seen signs of Fall - the trees are starting to turn, the squirrels are gathering nuts like crazy, and the days are noticeably shorter.

  10. Good luck with the purge! Love the samplers, getting my nerve up to do work on 40 ct linen.

  11. I hope you were able to order new glasses this morning and that the blurriness is not an issue. Love the progress on the samplers.

  12. The new stitching progress really makes a difference--love how they are turning out! Hope the eye has an easy solution!