Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday 12/1/20

 Hello and Good Morning!

It seems I took a bit of a break - lol.  I decided to stay off the computer for Thanksgiving and the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I did end up turning it on Sunday afternoon to do work e-mail (I didn't want to be bombarded Monday morning).  And then yesterday I ended up trekking in to the office in the pouring rain (so much rain!).  Of course I ended up being busy.  And the weather!  It was warm yesterday - like 65!  And then thunderstorms in the afternoon.  Strange.

So I missed you all...missed reading your blogs (I'll confess to skimming one or two on my phone, but mostly I stayed away).  I did not miss being on the computer!  But now I'm back.

I hope everyone had a nice (though different) Thanksgiving.  Ours was delicious!  And just the two of us (first time ever!!).  We did see Colin & Mailing on Wednesday - had dinner at their place and then it was mild enough that we went outside for a fire.  Fletch and I also had a fire one night over the weekend - maybe Friday?  I can't remember exactly.

And now it is Tiny Needle Tuesday.  I'm happy to show you that the Owl, the Mouse and the cute little Hedgehog now have a companion - a squirrel!!  With a bushy tail!

I also started another border piece on the left.  Here's a view of the overall as it stands today:

The next border piece on the left (after I finish up the green) will be the corner piece that will turn and start going along the bottom.  There is still an awful lot of open space on this piece!  I will be busy for months!!

Today I hope to do a little knitting and stitching and also find time to catch up reading your blogs (all while working, of course).  Wish you all a wonderful Tuesday and a Happy December!


  1. A break is good, I did that, too! I'm glad you had a good feast! The work on the cross stitch is moving along nicely! Have a good day!

  2. I feel like every time I see your sampler, I notice something new or different.

    We had a quiet and pleasant Tgiving as well. Rick is slowly eating his way through two pumpkin pies (I don't like pumpkin pie).

  3. That piece is going to be stunning. I love the medallions.

    Happy December!

  4. It's nice to take a computer break once in a while -- especially this year when we all seem glued. I rarely read email or blogs at home! :)

  5. If anyone deserves and needs a break from the computer, it's you! (John says that when he retires he may never use one again.) Your sampler is beautiful. I can't decide whether I like the medallions or all the animals better, but the whole sampler is wonderful.

  6. I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and a much needed break from work/computer. It’s good to take time to recharge. Great job on the sampler.

  7. What a sweet squirrel -- though clearly the animals are not done to scale in this piece! I'm glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving and a good break from the computer. We had a ton of rain here yesterday, too, but it was chilly and today it's snowing!

  8. I'm happy you took a break but know you were missed here in blogland and we're glad you're back. Everyone needs to step back once in a while.
    Your sampler is wonderful. That little bushy squirrel tail is so cute, but I have to confess, squirrels aren't my favorite creature after the nightmares they gave us at the lake. They ate through the bottom of our old trailer and tried to make nests inside! Dennis calls them "glorified rats"! Ha! Ha! I still think they're cute.

  9. Good job on the break! I enjoy seeing your progress!

  10. Hello,
    The bushy tailed squirrel is cute. I am glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving! It is nice to take a break for the computers.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  11. I have to say I really enjoyed my blog break. Life is very different when you are not always looking for something interesting to post about.
    Your stitching is beautiful. That really is a lovely piece.

  12. I'm glad you had a nice thanksgiving and still got to spend time with the kids. We're really worrying about the covid thing, the cases are getting bad here in Oregon. Eek. Be safe.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. lovely stitching and nothing wrong with staying off the computer, it's a worthy sane goal!

  14. It is fun to see the little animals emerge on your stitching. I'm with Karen staying off the computer is a worthy piece of sanity.

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