Monday, November 2, 2020


 Good Morning!

I seem to have survived the time change (Falling back is always easier for me than Springing forward).  It's a bit chilly outside and the wind is howling.  So noisy!  Windows are rattling and I can hear our buoy bell (which is way out in the back yard hanging on the shed) clanging away!  I plan to just stay inside today.

Not much to report on the weekend.  I did meet up with Dee at a fairly new Starbucks on Saturday for some (as Dee says) Chatter Knitting.  The new Starbucks is nice - spacious and clean!!  Not crowded.  It was perfect.  I did a little grocery shopping after that and ended up roasting a chicken for dinner.  I had been in the mood for a roasted bird for some time and it really hit the spot.  I have bones and meat saved for soup...but we need to consume more things out of the freezer so I actually have room to put left over soup!

The sock is coming along nicely.  

The Aspen yarn is so pretty!  I have (I think) about 10 more rows (1 pattern repeat) and then I will start the heel flap.

The kitchen floor has finally been mopped (see...I told you there wasn't much to report from the weekend) and the laundry was all done.  Exciting times!!

We did not go over to Colin & Mailing's as we had planned.  Yesterday was a solid rain day which did not bode well for a fire.  By dinner time the rain had pretty much stopped, but everything was soaking wet.  Another time.  We invited them for dinner next weekend, but they have plans to go backpacking on the Appalachian Trail with some friends.  We will catch up with them at some point!

Well, time to pour another cup of coffee and start the work day.  Let's make this a great week, shall we?


  1. I'm glad to hear that chatter knitting was nice and it is definitely the season for roasting chickens and making soup. Having a clean kitchen floor, finished laundry, and a lovely sock is my idea of excitement! Hope you have a great week, Vera!

  2. I was thinking that a roasted chicken sounds so perfect! Thank you for firming up that idea :)

    Stay warm! (that wind was just insane last night!)

  3. sorry your plans fell through with getting together with the kids. We had a very wet weekend!!

  4. Sounds like a good weekend to me! Knitting, friends and a bit of rain to keep you inside and resting!

  5. We didn't get up to much this weekend at all.
    Yesterday was very cold and VERY windy. The tree out back is stripped bare now, and the one out front won't be far behind. They say it will feel like spring by the weekend though. So weird!

  6. We had the high winds, too, and some...s**w. UGH. But it was the hard, pellety kind that didn't stick around. STILL!

    You're moving right along on your sock. It looks great. And I just love the little chest in that photo.

  7. Hello,

    It is really windy and cold today, a good day to stay inside. I made a pot of chili on the weekend, we have a lot of leftovers in the freezer. There are always chores to do, like mopping and laundry. I am glad you had a nice time meeting up with Dee. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  8. The weather has been gorgeous - beautiful sunshine, little wind, clear skies - I’m enjoying it until it decides to flit on to other locations. More sewing than knitting over the weekend. This week is filled with appointments, so it appears it will be a quick week as well as a great one.

  9. The wind was vicious around here yesterday, too -- I did a lot of dodging of branches on my run this morning. I'm just thankful we didn't lose power! And today we woke up to cold and a bit of snow. But the sun is out now, and I'm trying to enjoy it! And I certainly am keeping fingers and everything else crossed that this turns out to be a good week!

  10. I'm glad your weekend was good even if your meetup with the kids didn't get to happen. We've had gorgeous weather for the past few days. It's supposed to be 60 and brilliant sunshine today but rain for the next few days after that. That's okay. Anything except snow. :-)
    I've got the last load of laundry going. It has taken some adjusting to having a much smaller washer/dryer here in the RV but I'm just so grateful to have one at all that I would never complain.
    Wishing you a wonderful week too and I'm glad you and Dee had a good time.

  11. Sorry you missed the catch-up but hopefully soon!

  12. I really do enjoy our chatter-knits. Glad you found the new Starbucks. It is so much prettier than the other ones.

  13. I love Dee's comment.
    Sorry you missed your son and daughter in law.
    Im sure missing my kids.
    Knitting like a fiend here

  14. The weather really was a bummer for the past few days. I like the cooler temps but everything else is a big ugh.

  15. I love you positive attitude. This is going to be a good week. The yarn is so pretty. Glad you and Dee get to meet now and again for knitting and coffee. It sounds delightful.

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