Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 Good Morning!

Gosh I feel cold.  29 outside right now and I slept cold all night.  Time to put the winter comforter on the bed.

Not much stitching was accomplished this past week, but the owl finally has a full tree.

There is still an enormous amount to stitch on this sampler!  The sides will be longer and then, of course, the bottom border.  Plenty of critters still to occupy space and, as typical of Quaker samplers, letters in random order all over the sampler.  I was debating whether or not to stitch the letters, but I think I will.  They are all the same color, and I think I will do my initials in a different color.

As I mentioned yesterday, I started this book the other day.  I've now read roughly 75 pages or so and much of it is very familiar...like I've already read it.  Funny as I don't recall all of it, but bits and pieces.  I have enough books from the library that I will most likely abandon this one in favor of another.  No more browsing in the library though - they have gone back to curb side pick up only at least through the end of January.  Probably best, but it sure was nice to wander the aisles all by myself the other week.

I'm hoping work will be quiet today (yesterday was).  Pretty much everyone is in Thanksgiving mode so it should not be crazy.  I have laundry and some cleaning I'd like to get done.  Colin & Mailing invited us for dinner tomorrow night since we are not spending Thanksgiving together.  Looking forward to that and need to find out if we can bring any food or wine.  I did buy a very pretty cyclamen for them at Trader Joe's yesterday.  My Grandmother used to grow the most beautiful cyclamen and gloxinia which reminds me I need to look for some of them.

Time to throw a quilt over the clothesline to air out and then pour another cup of coffee.  Enjoy the day!


  1. I do love that sampler! Most samplers that I've seen have things in straight, regimented lines, but I really do like the random arrangement of the animals. I finally put flannel sheets on the bed yesterday and it felt so cozy this morning I almost couldn't pry myself out of bed. Enjoy your day and your winter quilt!

  2. This sampler is one of my favorites: I like the colors and the designs. I recently added flannel sheets and a light down blanket to my bed - so cozy on chilly evenings and mornings.

  3. I think chilly weather is here to stay, but it sure is nice to see the sun out.

    Your sampler is coming along nicely. I think doing you initials in a different color is a great idea.

  4. Now I'm completely charmed by that mouse. Is this the first closeup you've shown us of that character? This sampler is the busiest thing. I like it so much.

    It's cold but clear here in NEO today; the rains start tomorrow and continue on for the next few days.

  5. Very pretty litlte tree!

    It's freezing here today and Dave and I keep arguing over where the thermostat should be.

    I was hoping for a quiet work week since most of the people I work with are in the US... but it looks like we are trying to get ALL THE THINGS done before Thursday. At least Thursday will be quiet... Lol.

  6. Hello,
    Your sampler is looking pretty, I love the owl and critters. I sleep better when it is cold, I leave the fan on all night. It is sunny but cold here today. Take care, enjoy your day!

  7. We have our fleece sheets on the bed and a blanket and TWO quilts. We set our thermostat at 55 during the night so all of those snuggly covers feel pretty good. Now, getting up in the morning and turning the furnace up is a different story! :-)
    Your sampler is wonderful and whimsical in my eyes. I love the animals and the border. So fun.
    Our library has been curbside pickup only since March. By the time they reopen I'll be out of the library habit.

  8. I just changed the schedule on my thermostat so it's 65 at night, but only because we have Airbnb guests... usually, it's at 54! I still have only a quilt on the bed, though we have a couple of down throws that we pull up as needed. I tend to kick mine off. Rusty & I definitely have different temperatures! haha.

  9. I do like seeing the progress on your sampler! I used to have both of those plants for house plants in my room as a young adult-thanks for the memory flash! I hope you sleep warmer tonight!

  10. You're coming right along on that sampler. I look forward to watching it grow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. I love the stag so much in that sampler. Im going to see the only cross stitch I ever did. Lost story. I don't like what it symbolizes to me anymore!

  12. I really don't know much about different styles of samplers and didn't realize that Quaker samplers had letters all over. I wonder why that is -- do you know? I'm sure it makes it a bit more interesting to stitch.

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