Monday, August 3, 2020


Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  Mine was so nice (in spite of the HHH weather).

Saturday morning I met up with Dee at the Lansdale Farmers Market.  Seeing Dee was, of course, wonderful.  The Market was annoying.  They had to change their location and they now limit how people go in (it's outside, but there are lanes, etc.) and you can't really get close to any of the produce.  I did get some nice wax beans, Swiss chard, fresh apricots and wonderful shitake mushrooms.  Then we went to Backyard Beans for coffee.  There is still no inside seating, but they have tables and chairs set up in an alley beside the shop and it was shady and a good place to sit and knit.  Dee brought me a wonderful "reward" for guessing an answer on her blog about Bethlehem.

A Star from Bethlehem which is now hanging in my front office window.  I love how you can see different colors in it.  Thank you Dee!!

And I did manage to get a new cast on started:

A sock of course!  The yarn is Hedgehog Fiber (90/10) and the colorway is "Hawk."  I'm knitting the Petty Harbor pattern (free on Ravelry) and have about 24 rows of the leg completed.  The yarn is pretty dark, but I'm fortunately not having any problem with it.  I love all the different flecks of color you can see.

Sunday I did a bunch of laundry and some cooking.  French Toast for breakfast - so yummy.  For dinner, I cooked the spaghetti squash Colin had given us from his garden.  I roasted it and then pulled the "squash strings" out.  I guess spaghetti squash was the original veggie noodle.  Anyway, I made a sauce to go on it with fresh garlic, onions, the shitake mushrooms from the farmers market, capers and diced tomatoes.  Oh yum!  So freaking good - I will be making this again for sure.

Most days Tyg is off in some shady spot where we can't see him, but yesterday he plopped down on the patio and was patiently waiting for a frog to appear in the water feature.

This morning he is sitting on the picnic table right underneath the camper birdhouse hanging in our apple tree.  The wrens are nesting (again) and he is waiting for an opportunity.....

On the advice of MDK, we watched "First Cow" last night and I heartily recommend it.  Time to hit publish and get to work.  Here's to a great week ahead!


  1. I love Moravian stars in all forms and yours from Dee is especially pretty. That looks like fall sock yarn and fall can't arrive soon enough for me! I've been thinking about french toast since yesterday morning and might have to go make some now!

  2. I have First Cow on my radar for this week... thank you for the recommendation! I love the new sock yarn!! (We have given up on the farmers market this year... too many people and little social distancing and I watched people touching things, and that was it for me... sigh)

  3. Hello Vera,

    It is so nice that you and Dee can get together. The knitting, shopping and coffee is a nice outing. The yarn is pretty, the colors make me think of winter. Cute photo of Tyg! Your dinner sounds yummy. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week!

  4. You are the second person I know to mention First Cow.
    Your little hunter is so cute. I had to tape up the crack in my front door because my indoor kitty discovered that salamanders like to pop their head in from time and time and I'm pretty sure that won't end well.

  5. Tyg's white paws just get to me--so darn cute.

    I have read about First Cow twice now. And I'm obsessed with cows, so...

    Love that yarn. Is that turquoise I see in it? It's just beautiful.

  6. How fun to meet up with a friend. Sounds like a great weekend

  7. that sock color way looks like Fall! If only :) Glad you had a meet up and some fun!!

  8. Lucky you for meeting up with Dee!
    I had some lovely outdoor gatherings with friends. I am so dreading winter!

  9. I was wondering how farmers markets are working this year. Thanks for the info.

  10. our farmer market not only sells agriculture produces, but also it.

    Have a great day

  11. Your cooking sounds delicious. It was so hot here we just grilled burgers both Saturday and Sunday. A bit cooler is predicted for this week so I hope to be more adventurous.
    I'm glad you and Dee were able to get together. The star is beautiful. I haven't been to any farmers markets this year. There are so many rules that I know I'll do something wrong so I just haven't gone.
    Tyg is so cute. He's very attentive and ready to spring into action. And finally, I really like the colors in your new sock yarn. So colorful and yet muted.

  12. Glad you like the star. You are very welcome.

    The veggies I bought we awful and okay ---- beans were awful (tough and leathery -- no way were they recently picked). The corn was just okay. Think I'll stick to my local farm store. Their corn has been GREAT!

    Your Hawk sock is very pretty.

  13. The star looks great in your window!!! The new sock yarn is named appropriately for you--those hawks were an interesting lesson in nature this year for you! I love spaghetti squash!

  14. What a pretty prize! Love the yarn in the new start!

  15. I love that yarn!! Even though it's darker fall colors, which I'm not ready for.

    We'll go to the Amish farm stands this year as always. One vendor locally wanted $9.50 a dozen for corn. Last year it was $5!!

  16. It sounds like an almost normal weekend ... and even with a new sock cast-on! Glad you and Dee have been able to resume Saturday meetings.

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