Monday, August 24, 2020

A Touch of Fall!

 Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  What did you do?  Ours was very nice.  Friday night our neighbor Rob came over for dinner.  Fletch grilled burgers and I made a corn and black bean salad.  Rob brought the leftovers of two pies (his Mom recently passed away and he said he is overloaded with happens with funerals...).  He couldn't stick around for too long, but Fletch and I enjoyed a fire after he left.  It was a perfect night for a fire in the pit.

Our picnic table is looking a bit like Fall:

The pumpkin had come off the vine, so rather than just leave it on the ground, Fletch put it on the table.  He doesn't like that there is no stem, so he put the bird on top.  I love it!  You can see that something has been nibbling away at the pumpkin.  There is another one still on the vine, but smaller and very dark green (looks like an acorn squash).  Hopefully it will grow larger and turn a beautiful shade of orange.

Saturday was grocery shopping and a few chores.  Sunday more of the same.  I did make some peach ice cream (and put some uncrystalized ginger in it too!!), but Fletch and I were both too full to have any!  That will need to be rectified today for sure.

And, a bit of knitting was accomplished.  Here is Hawk Sock #2.  Half the leg is finished.

We watched the end of Endeavour last night - can't believe it was only 3 episodes this time around, but it was good.

Well, time to wake up Fletch and get myself motivated.  Emails have been coming in fast and furious all morning.  Wishing you all a great week!


  1. I hope you have a great week ahead. I love your pumpkin and how it is foreshadowing of fall to come. Sooner than later I wish.

  2. Ginger peach ice cream sounds terrific. I haven't had good peach ice cream in forever.

    Rick and I spent most of the weekend outdoors; even though it was pretty hot, there was a nice breeze around. I started reading "Song Yet Sung" and I'm really enjoying it.

    Around here, the squirrels would make short work of that pumpkin.

  3. Ginger peach ice cream sounds absolutely delicious! It reminds me of an ice cream place we used to go to on vacation when I was a kid, though I think what I got was just plain peach (my palate wasn't as sophisticated back then).

    I was also a little disappointed that Endeavour was only three episodes this season, but it's always good! I watched the final episode yesterday afternoon through Passport.

  4. Hello,
    I like your table decorations, I have not noticed any pumpkins growing around here yet. I must not be paying attention. I love your cute yarn bowl. The dinner sounds yummy. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a great new week!

  5. I love your pumpkin-sitting bird and the fact that fall is approaching. Those socks are lovely in a fall sort of way!

  6. Hard to believe it is already the end of August.

    Maybe get together next Saturday?

  7. That peach ice cream sounds amazing! Here is to a week that just flies by!

  8. It was a good weekend but I didn’t do much - some knitting (finished two pair of socks), some sewing (bound three QOV) and some reading. The pumpkin looks great with the bird on top.

  9. Good Morning Vera. Your table does indeed look like fall. It sounds like you had a busy, productive yet quiet weekend. Mine was pretty quiet too. I really like the yarn for your Hawk sock. I think that's the perfect pattern for it.
    You asked about Piper and school. They go everyday at this point. Mandy said she gives it 3-4 weeks before they go to virtual learning. She said watching the kids be kids is a good indicator. They don't "get" social distancing at all. Especially the K-3 graders.
    Take care and don't work too hard today.

  10. Sounds like a nice weekend, enjoy your ice cream today - it sounds delicious!

  11. I am out of the loop once again.... Endeavour??

    Love that bird topper. Not so much the mention of fall. Hey! I can comment!

  12. I haven't had a chance to watch any of the new Endeavor ... so super sad to read there are only THREE episodes!

  13. Your table does indeed look fallish. I have a bouquet of sunflowers on our dining table. The time it is a passing. To be honest I wish it would zoom to Nov. 3rd as I want this nightmare to end. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. LOVE the pumpkin! (Reminds me of Portlandia . . . "put a bird on it!") XO

  15. Sounds like a good weekend! I like the bird on top of the pumpkin!
    Nice work on the sock.

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