Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Unraveled Wednesday 08/26/20

 Good Morning!

Mid-week in the last full week of August.  Unbelievable!!  And it is Unraveled Wednesday.  As usual, I'm linking up with Kat and friends to read about what everyone is making and reading.  I am still working on Hawk sock #2, but I've only 8 more rows to complete the leg.

My plan is to finish the leg and heel today as well as start down the gusset decreases.  Let's see if I can stick with that!

On the reading front, I've been reading Olive, Again before bed.  I'm enjoying it, but like "Olive Kitteridge," these stories can be SO bleak!  But the writing is very good and so I will plug away at it.  I just had a book come in on Overdrive - "The Book of Lost Friends" by Lisa Wingate (who wrote "Before We Were Yours").  This was recommended to me by several people.

When I got to my office yesterday I found some gifts from my boss Bill and his wife.

I've had both of these before and they are excellent!  Bill left two jars of each for me and Colin.  So sweet.

And our garden is continuing to produce.  Fletch picked beans yesterday:

These are so good.  Nice and long and skinny!  I picked some jalapenos and cherry tomatoes:

Fletch is grilling some ribs tonight and I will core and seed some of the jalapenos and wrap them in bacon to throw on the grill as well.  Yum!!

I have to head back to the office for a quick visit this morning.  Yesterday I was the only person in the office until I left and then I saw two folks at the opposite end of the building.  So, no danger of being too close to anyone!  I should only be there for half an hour or so this morning.  

Hoping to get a walk in today as well.  It is nice and cool this morning!  Hope your week is going well.


  1. I love green beans!! They look so so so good! I haven't been knitting as much as I usually do, guess I need to step on it.

  2. I think we picked the last of our beans this week! What an incredible treat they are! I used some of them in a curry... yum! I think you win the award for picking the most lovely yarn!

  3. Our garden is winding down but John put in a second planting of green beans, and we've had enough to eat and freeze some. Tomatoes are ripening faster than I can deal with them. I know I'll be grateful to have freezers full of vegetables, but I'm ready for the garden to be done. I love that yarn and your yarn bowl!

  4. My garden was a pretty big fail this year, but I did pick a ripe tomato yesterday that I'm planning to have with my lunch today. I'm jealous of your bounty -- I'd love a basket of fresh green beans!

    The jelly and salt sound like such fun treats to find waiting for you!

  5. Hello, Vera
    The sock is looking good! The green beans, the tomatoes look great. The jalapenos with bacon all sound yummy. The weather here today is beautiful, nice day for a walk. Have a great day!

  6. I've been picking tomatoes every day! I think I picked the last of the beans but we'll see. I got pics of a bumblebee pollinating a pepper flower, so I guess we're getting more peppers, lol.

  7. Nothing like enjoying and sharing the garden produce! Nice work on the sock!

  8. Isn't today gorgeous????

    Looks like we may be okay for Saturday. The rain isn't supposed to come until the afternoon.

  9. The socks look great, Vera. But those treats from your boss and from your garden? They absolutely steal the show!!! XO

  10. I enjoyed “Before We Were Yours” so I’ll look for “The Book of LostFriends” - thanks. Today is much cooler with a pleasant breeze - not as much smoke in the air.

  11. Chloe and I just got back from our morning walk. Exploring new areas around the campground is quite fun. There is a small airport just behind the campground and we walked along there today and looked at the planes.
    Those green beans look amazing. I think they are my favorite summer vegetable to grow. I may try a plant or two next summer.
    Honestly, I think that is my favorite sock yarn ever. Those colors are amazing and I really like the way they intermingle.
    I hope you have a good day with not too much time at work.
    Take care.

  12. I have that very same yarn bowl...only mine took flight one day, and the bird is glued back on. Good book suggestions....thanks!!! I remember liking Olive Kitteridge, although I couldn't now tell you a thing about it. Maybe I'll try the sequel.

  13. I love hot pepper jelly with cream cheese on crackers or grilled bread. So good with wine. It's also good to marinate pork.

    I'm jealous of your green beans! I haven't found decent green beans around here--they all seem tough and old.

    My jalapenos are going gangbusters right now. Only two plants, and they just can't stop producing. And my thyme is overtaking the rest of my herbs, even after I cut it way back and split it in half.

    Next year, I vow to get a cherry tomato plant and find a place to put it. Yours are making me so envious.

  14. Good luck with the rest of the sock! Habaneros wrapped in bacon - you must like it hot! It sounds delicious but I'm not sure if anyone in my family could handle it.

  15. Goodness that's a great sock and great produce!

  16. Whew! Getting caught up a little... Our tomatoes weren't very productive this year and the squirrels helped themselves to a lot of it. With no resident cat on the premises, we are noticing some (not great) differences in wildlife behavior.

  17. The yarn in that sock is so pretty. I love it. Look at your garden bounty. I envy you those green beans. Some species of beetle does a number on beans in our yard. I finally gave up because I didn't want to eat something I had to cover in insecticide.