Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday Rolled Around Again

 Good Morning!

Halfway through August already!!  Doesn't seem possible, yet sure enough Monday rolled around again and here we are.  How was your weekend?  What did you do?

My weekend was lovely.  I met up with Dee for some coffee and knitting and then we happened to make our way to Purls of Wisdom - a lovely knitting shop in Kimberton.  If you've read her blog (and if not, you should!!), you will see that she purchased some lovely skeins of yarn.  And sort of hinted that she HAD to, because you can't let friends purchase yarn alone.  Dee and I do a pretty good - nah, make that VERY good - job of enabling each other!  That's what friends are for.  I haven't used or even wound the two skeins I bought the last time we got together, but again two new skeins are now in my possession:

Gorgeous, huh?  The skein on the right is "Aspen" and is just so Fall-like I had to have it.  Cozy socks will be made with this.  The skein on the left is "Prickly Pear" (yes, Dee bought the same colorway the other week).  But, this skein is DK weight and I plan to make some fingerless mitts out of it - I think they will look so pretty with my black coat come winter.

While Dee and I were sipping our drinks and knitting outside the coffee shop I did work on the Hawk sock.  I did not, as planned, finish it though.  This is where it was last night (with my helper supervising):

After taking that picture I knit some more and it is now at the point where I will begin the toe decreases.  I HOPE to finish it today, but I refuse to say I will (lesson learned).

Food was good over the weekend.  I baked some mahi-mahi (which I had never cooked previously).  It was good.  Not wonderful, out of this world, but ok and a nice change of pace.  Saturday we just had BLTs with garden tomatoes and onions on them.  So good!  And last night I baked a Mexican casserole dish - layered tortillas with refried beans, some sauteed onions & peppers & broccoli, green enchilada sauce and cheese.  It was a little heavier on the cheese than I like, but again it was nice to have something different.  And, the weather was perfect for having the oven on to bake the dish!

Several folks have recently posted pictures of Praying Mantis' in their gardens.  Well, here's a guy who was on our eggplant the other day.  Seeing a Praying Mantis always makes me think of the card Fletch and I bought several years ago and framed.  It hangs in our downstairs bathroom.

LOL I crack up every time I look at this.

Well, that's it for me.  Hope you all are doing well and enjoying life.


  1. Hello, Vera
    August is going by too quickly. Your new yarn is pretty. I did see Dee's post, I think you two help support all the yarn stores. Your meals sound yummy, I wish my hubby liked Mexican food. I would love to make the Mexican casserole. I could make one and eat it all myself, lol. Great sighting of the Praying Mantis, I have not seen any lately. The card is funny. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  2. I had a baby mantis in my thyme the other day. So cute! My daughter-in-love says they are good luck. We had one on the deck at the lakehouse, too. It's been years since I'd seen one.

    That sock is lovely. The yarn is so attractive. I know I keep saying this, but it's upsetting that it will be hidden under pantlegs.

    So glad you and Dee can socialize. If you stash some more yarn when you do, oh well. It's not like you buy diamond bracelets, right? ;-)

  3. Love the sock yarns and especially that you and Dee get to purchase yarn and then sit together in the cafe--so nice to have a knitting friend.
    I feel starved in that arena! I can appreciate the art side of your little praying mantis 'cartoon'!

  4. gorgeous yarns!! How exciting :) I was working on a sock in the car while traveling and it's nice how portable they are!

  5. Lovely new yarn!
    I haven't seen a praying mantis in ages!

  6. Beautiful yarn purchase! I haven’t gone into a yarn shop in months. I did some sewing and knitting over the weekend: ready for the toe on one sock. I rarely try new recipes, but I usually like the ones I do prepare.

  7. Gorgeous yarns!! Wow! (and that mantis is lovely!)

  8. Had a great time on Saturday. Now, I guess we'd better get knitting before our stash overwhelms us. LOL Thank you again for the linen.

  9. I love the yarns that both you and Dee bought. I'm not buying anything right now because of space issues.
    I haven't seen a praying mantis since we moved out west. Your card cracked me up though.

  10. I am in such a terrible state of yarn envy!

  11. Your yarn looks very pretty. I saw Dee's too. That's what friends are for. The card makes me smile. Monday did come again. The weeks are rolling by this summer.