Tuesday, May 28, 2019



How was your weekend?  I hope you had a good one.  Mine/ours was just what I needed (I did catch my breath - lol).

Friday I had hoped to leave work by Noon or 1 p.m., but did not get out till after 3.  But the evening brought success - I finished Mailing's Hitchhiker.  Love this one.

I blocked it Saturday and was able to give it to her on Sunday.

No pictures of it around Mailing's neck - Sunday was the hottest day of the weekend, and even inside with the air on, it was too warm for a Hitchhiker.  The main thing is she really likes it, so that makes me happy.

I managed to walk Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  Saturday I walked the River Trail in Valley Forge Park, but only 1.5 miles.  I wore some old sneakers and could feel every stone and pebble through the soles of the shoes.  By the time I was back to my car I was limping like an old person - ha!  Sunday I returned to the River Trail and this time walked 3.5 miles.  My walk was almost aborted when I just missed stepping on this guy

I couldn't tell initially if he/she was alive or dead.  It stayed very still for quite some time, but eventually slithered off the trail and I was able to continue on my way.  Dappled sunlight - so difficult to see things! 

Monday I picked a different trail (Perkiomen Valley Trail) which turned out to be very busy - lots and lots of people biking, jogging, walking.  I walked about 3.7 miles and it was much nicer in that the humidity had dropped considerably from Sunday.

Another nature picture:

Colin texted me this picture yesterday morning.  The little fawn was curled up by his fence sleeping.  This morning he told me the fawn was still there in the afternoon - in the hot sun, so he and Mailing moved it into a shady spot.  They tried to give it some water or milk, but it wouldn't take anything.  Later it moved to their shed and then back to the fence.  They were planning to call a wildlife rehabilitation center today, but the fawn was gone by this morning.  I hope he/she is ok...and I also hope he/she doesn't return to munch on Colin's garden!!

Sunday we went over to Mailing's parents for a cookout.  It was awfully warm and humid (high 80's) and ended up raining a bit, so her Dad grilled (chicken, shrimp, sausage and veggies), but we ate inside.  It was a very relaxed and lovely time.  Her Dad plays several different instruments - one of them is a "Horse Head Violin" from Mongolia.  He has two of these and they are so beautiful.  I had never seen anything like it.

Reminds me of a horse, but also a Seahorse. 

Monday was just a nice, peaceful day.  I walked, did a bit of knitting, ran some errands with Fletch and then cooked in the afternoon.  Fletch had cut some of the rhubarb from the garden, so I made a strawberry rhubarb pie.

That didn't help with weight loss I'm trying to achieve, but it sure did taste good!!

I did finally manage to finish a book A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains which was very interesting (particularly since so many of the places mentioned in the book are familiar to me since my brother lives in Boulder).  I have more of her travelogue books to read...she was quite the brave woman in the late 1800's.  For anyone interested, here is more info on her Isabella L Bird - I downloaded a  lot of her books for free on my Kindle.

All-in-all a wonderful weekend and now a short work week.  Still plenty of budget meetings going on here at the office, but the worst for me is finished, so I should be able to catch up on some blog reading!

Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. It sounds like a great weekend, topped off with the best kind of pie ever!

  2. Congratulations on a great FO! I'm glad Mailing loves her Hitchhiker and it will look beautiful when it is cool enough to wear. You did lots of walking, but ugghh to that snake! That pie looks absolutely delicious (and low-calorie, too)! :-)

  3. Congrats on the Hitchhiker finish. Now your Hitchhiker needle is free to cast on the naughty yarn!

  4. It sounds like a wonderful weekend with lots of exercise, good food and company...minus the snake. I could do without that company!
    Strawberry Rubarb pie. Dennis would love that. He's been asking for one for awhile. Maybe I'll make one tomorrow when I go home from the lake. I'm sure my rhubarb will need harvesting again by then.
    The Hitchhiker turned out so pretty. I love the adaptation you did to the pattern.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  5. Don't worry too much about the fawn. They will stay in one spot until evening and Mama returns and then they both move on.
    Hitchhikers looks great! Well done.

  6. What a great wrap up! I will check on that book for my sister and my other friend who love the Rockies! Hitchhikers looks amazing. I am not worried about the fawn. Bambi's momma was nearby watching you I'm certain. How can anyone shoot a deer?

  7. Oh, my....that PIE!!! I wanted some pie so badly this weekend but was too lazy to make one. It looks amazing!

  8. Everything looks great, Vera. (Well. Except maybe the snake? I always like finding them, actually. I don't want to DO anything with them, but i do find them interesting.) Don't worry about the fawn. Mama usually drops them off for the day -- in a spot they feel safe and comfortable with. Colin was hosting deer-daycare! :-)

  9. Sounds like a nice weekend. What a lovely instrument Mailing's father owns! I've never heard of or seen such a thing.

    I'd forgotten all about my recent pie cravings until now. Sigh. I do not bake pie, so I may take a trip to the pie shop tomorrow. You're a bad influence!

  10. what a lovely weekend and listening to someone else playing music is heavenly. I do want to see M in the shawl, if you can :) Love the photos including your snake.

  11. Beautiful Hitchhiker! Well done! I am glad you had such a great weekend!

  12. ❤️ the Hitchhiker! Can you believe I woke to 3+ inches of heavy, wet snow this morning? Tonight/tomorrow will probably be a repeat. I'm sooo ready for warmer temperatures.

  13. Great finish and gifting on the Hitchhiker Shawl! The snake would give a start to anyone! yikes! The fawn on the other hand is beautiful!