Thursday, May 9, 2019

Vacation - Part 2

Good Morning!

Part 2 of our vacation coming up.  We had a day to just hang at our campsite outside of Charlottesville - we didn't bother going in to walk around as we had been there the prior Spring.  We found a nature trail on property and walked that.  I did some knitting and took a (well-deserved) nap and Fletch puttered around going various things.  We grilled steaks for dinner which were pretty flavorless­čś× - luckily we had some great Brussels sprouts and onions to go with them. 

Wednesday we got up, packed up our camp and headed South to the Suffolk area.  We stopped at the "famous" Virginia Diner for lunch which was good (but everything was sweet - even my chicken salad!!).  We got to Damon & Peggy's (Fletch's brother and his wife) mid-afternoon and relaxed with a beer.  That night Fletch stayed up later than everyone and ended up locking himself out of their house!  He spent the night in our camper in their driveway - lol.

Thursday morning the guys went through a bunch of old photos and memorabilia and I knit.  We headed out to the Smithfield area in the afternoon.  First stop was Fort Boykin on the James River.  We walked a bit and came upon this gorgeous Black Walnut tree.  It is the 2nd oldest tree in Virginia and is over 200 years old!

And we did a bit of beach combing.

Smithfield has some lovely old Victorian houses, so we strolled around town a bit and ended up on a nature path that Peggy used to walk when she was working (she retired in March).  Much to my dismay, we came across this guy:

A black snake over 4' long.  I was not pleased.  Supposedly they are harmless, but that doesn't really matter to me.  I stepped up the pace (plus the mosquitoes were coming out) and we made it safely back to the car - lol.  We ended up at Captain Muck A Chuck's for dinner - a place right on the water.  The fish tacos were some of the best I've ever had and the frozen margarita wasn't bad either.

Friday we went out to breakfast and then stopped by Fletcher's uncle's home to say hello.  Then we packed up and hit the road for Chincoteague.  It was pretty windy in Suffolk and we were a bit concerned about crossing the Bay Bridge, but there were no restrictions and it turned out to be much less windy on the Eastern Shore.

As we were setting up our campsite, the wind picked up a bit.  We had dinner and just as we finished Fletch's sister Lori and her husband Patrick arrived (in their very large RV).  It was a great night for a camp fire (though the wind whipped up the fire and we went through our 2 bundles of wood quickly) and we just sat around having beverages and catching up a bit.  We could see the lighthouse on Assateague from our campsite.

Saturday we tooled around Chincoteague.  We had planned to go to Assateaque and tour the lighthouse, but last time we were there the bugs were so bad we couldn't even get out of the car!  It was kind of a mucky day so we stayed put.  Fletch and I did find a nature trail that was about 1.5 miles long on the bay side of the island.

We didn't linger as there was a lot of standing water and ponds that seemed perfect for various insects.  We did hear a lot of bull frogs.

Driving around on some back roads, we came upon the Timothy Hill House - the oldest house on Chincoteague (circa 1800).

And we stopped for ice cream on our way back to the campsite!  I have not stopped for ice cream in years.  It was delicious, but I couldn't even finish it.... 

Sunday dawned with some rain.  Lori & Patrick packed up and headed back to their home in Chesapeake, VA by 8:30!  Fletch and I had a lazy morning and then went to the Chincoteague Museum.  Lots of Island history.  I was sorry not to be able to visit the yarn shop and not to see any ponies, but all in all, we had a wonderful time.  We didn't leave until after dinner on Sunday to avoid the heavy traffic around Dover, DE.  We pulled into our driveway just after 11 p.m.

A fun time, but it is good to be home!!


  1. Your vacation sounds like a lovely combination of visiting relatives, relaxation, walking and sightseeing! Black snakes do help control rodent populations, but I'm with you and not a fan of any big snake (plus they climb trees)! Next time - fewer snakes and more yarn shops!

  2. Family visits are fun, especially if it's been awhile. Good thing Fletch was able to sleep in the camper when he got locked out. Snakes are on my list of critters to avoid at all costs.

  3. Ah, yes. The bugs. I do believe the state bird of VA is the mosquito. At least that's what I saw printed on a tee shirt for sale on Chincoteague the last time we were there. Lol....lovely photos. It is a pretty place.

  4. Your vacations sounds just perfect. Visiting family with some sightseeing thrown in for good measure. I think I'm spoiled out here in the west. I haven't seen a mosquito in years, except when visiting Nebraska in the summer. I must say that I don't miss them at all. :-) . It's one of the drawbacks of moving back home after retirement.
    I'm glad Fletcher had the camper to sleep in. I'll be he was frustrated.

  5. What fun! I love the snake... all we have around here are small grass, milk and garter snakes, and we don't see them often in the 'burbs.

  6. OH MY GOSH. I know EXACTLY where you were in SMITHFIELD!!! On our very first trip to see Al when she lived IN Virginia we stayed in Smithfield. I loved Suffolk and Norfolk. Thank you for the fun photos. As for the snake, our son just gave my husband a venom kit incase we ever get bit!!!! lol

  7. Sounds like a lovely break, especially this time of year. Always a little warmer further south.

  8. There's always room for ice cream! I've never not been able to finish it! That snake is really kinky. Glad you had a nice time.

  9. I am so envious - well, of everything but that snake!! Chincoteague has long been on my "want to see list". What fun!!

  10. Ol' Timothy Hill had a pretty small house. Guess it doesn't take long to tidy up.

  11. What a beautiful place (minus the snake)!
    The little house is fascinating--shows you we have way too much stuff!

  12. Sounds like a good trip. I love the story about Fletch spending the night in the camper. It's a good thing he had that option!
    Chincoteague is on my list of placed to get to. But I want to do it after I retire -- off season!

  13. what a lovely vacation and thank you for taking me along with you two!!

  14. Wonderful travelogue! Y'all saw some great sights (except for that snake - yikes!!) ... thank you for sharing it all (except for that snake - yikes!! ;-) with us!!