Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Unraveled Wednesday - May 29, 2019

Good Morning!

Another grey, moist day here in Eastern PA.  Strong thunderstorms are forecast along with flooding conditions.  We did have some storms last night, but nothing too severe.  And, at least we are not getting snow, unlike some unlucky folks (thinking of you Nancy).  And gosh!  What awful tornadoes around the country.

Meanwhile, it is Unraveled Wednesday, and I'm joining in with Kat and friends.  Yesterday I showed Mailing's finished Hitchhiker.  I think I *need* to order more of that yarn (Ancient Arts Yarn in the colorway "Midnight Clear") - it is such a beautiful blue.  I worked a little bit on my Down The Rabbit Hole sock:

It is a 13 row repeat and I have finished two repeats and am in the middle of the third.  I forget the brand of yarn, but the colorway is "Grapefruit Sangria."  It is a fun pattern, though it is going slowly for me as there are two cables on each needle in every row.  I am not a speedy cable knitter, but I am enjoying it. 

Remember the awful yarn I used for the (start of) Shell Cottage socks?  It kept splitting and behaving poorly.  Well Dee has suggested that the yarn would be great as a Hitchhiker.  So, I may be starting yet a third Hitchhiker very soon.  The pattern is so addictive - lol.  That would be perfect for bringing to work and coffee shops when I meet up with Dee!  There are a few other patterns that I am looking at as well - more on them later when I pick out some yarn and get moving.

On the reading front, over the weekend I started A Tangled Mercy which I downloaded for free some time ago on my Kindle.  I'm about a quarter of the way through and it is ok...set in Charleston it flips between the early 1800's (slave uprising) and 2015 (troubled 20-something grad student researching that period of time).  So far I haven't really connected with the main character (troubled 20-something) and the book could use some editing (wonder why it was free??).  Meanwhile, a book came through on Overdrive that I have been waiting for:  Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston. 

To find out what others are making (and, hopefully not unraveling) and reading, hop over to Kat's blog.


  1. I hope the yarn does better for you spreading out in a Hitchhiker. Its colourway is quite pretty.

    The yarn you're working with now is pretty, too. You must have the best-looking socks in your office!

  2. Your grapefruit sangria socks are a lovely match of yarn and pattern. And I think Dee is right; that yarn would make a lovely Hitchhiker! (I told you they were addictive!)

  3. I like the swirly bits on your new socks.

  4. Grapefruit Sangria is a fun yarn. I like the row striping and the bits or blue/grey. Snow has nearly melted but it's downright chilly - good thing I have plenty of knits to wear.

  5. Fun socks and I love the photo you posted of Mailings Hitchhikder. I know she'll love wearing it when the cold returns.
    I'm knitting a pair of socks with Felicia yarn, which I love and have used a LOT. But this yarn is really splitty too and it's driving me crazy. I will persevere though, because I like how the pattern is looking with it.

  6. I love the colors in that sock. Now I want some Grapefruit Sangria. It sounds yummy.

  7. I second getting some more of that gorgeous yarn that you used for Mailing's Hitchhiker!

    And, from the other side of PA - this weather is just crazy!

  8. I love that Grapefruit color!! Good luck with the storms - I hope there's no flooding!

  9. If it is splitty yarn it gets felted at my house. It is the only way I can cope with it.

  10. The new sock is so pretty; cables are slower but they are so intricate looking when finished! Another HH--good for you!