Thursday, May 30, 2019


Good Morning!

The sun is out (at least for a little bit) and it is already muggy.  Whew did we have some wild storms last night!  Just as I was pulling dinner out of the oven, a huge clap of thunder made both Fletch and me jump.  It sounded SO close.  Mailing said that a number of people she works with north of us (up by the Allentown area) had windshields cracked from hail - some hail was the size of ping pong balls!  More storms are forecast for tonight.

Today is the "real" Memorial Day (before they made most of the holidays fall on Monday).  And it is my Dad's birthday.  If he were still among the living, he would be 99 today.  Missing him each and every day.

Last night I had all good intentions of pulling yarn out and starting something new...but instead I cleaned the bathrooms (which really needed to be cleaned) and chatted on the phone with my friend Carol in Maryland.  She's having a bit of a rough time since her Mom passed away 3 weeks ago.  So this morning over coffee I pulled some yarn.

First of all, the "bad" yarn that I used for the shell cottage sock will not become a Hitchhiker.  I had completely forgotten that I did manage to finish one (very tight) sock, so the yarn left would equate to (maybe) 20 or 25 teeth.  Not enough (and I am not going to unravel the sock - totally not worth it).  I will save the bit that's left and use it for heels and toes on some socks.  Meanwhile, here is what I came up with.  First up some socks in the Tosh colorway "Tart."

I plan to use the top portion of the Gladys pattern (free on Ravelry).  We'll see how that turns out.

Next up, this yarn that I purchased earlier in the year at the Allentown Fiber Festival:

There is a bit of sparkle to it and I'm excited to be using it so soon after purchasing it - lol.  I also love the name of the colorway:  "Secluded Forest."  I plan to make Odyssey Shawl by Joji Locatelli - another freebie on Ravelry.  The pattern calls for 3 different colors, but I think this gradient will work well and there is sufficient yardage.  Woo-Hoo! 

Both yarns, patterns and needles have come to work with me today.  Now if the lunchtime Gods will allow, I should be able to start something!


  1. Great yarns and great pattern choices! I really love that shawl pattern and saved it for myself as well.

    Here in NEO we're locked in this grey, humid, possible thunderstorm pattern for the foreseeable. It's hideous. (My hair has never looked worse, LOL.)

  2. Love both colors. And I have both patterns in my queue--may need to join you on the gladys socks!

  3. The rain has been crazy this week! (and we have more today!)

    I love both of those yarns - especially that gradient!

  4. Tart is my favorite Tosh colorway (well, one of my many favorites) and that gradient is lovely. These sound like great plans and I hope the lunchtime gods cooperate!

  5. Great plans, Vera! I love both yarns -- and your projects sounds perfect to show them off. (Like Bonny, Tart is my favorite Tosh. It's just the best red!) XO

  6. I think heels and toes is a great plan !

  7. "Secluded Forest" will make a most excellent shawl. I'll look forward to seeing you work on that one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. planning is the very best part :) Both sound great and I love them!

  9. New projects! How exciting!!!!

  10. The yarn is really pretty and I peeked at the pattern and liked it too. You should have fun knitting those.
    Storms are prevalent all over the country it seems...except here. Thankfully. It has gotten very warm, very fast though. It's in the 80's today and that's really unusual for the end of May.
    Have fun knitting.

  11. Hope you found some time to get in a few stitches

  12. I remember unraveling a bit of that yarn. YIKES --- it was a hairy mess to unravel.

    The Odyssey is going to be beautiful in that yarn. See you on Sunday!

  13. Very exciting to have new yarn (beautiful btw) and pattern waiting for you at lunch break!