Sunday, December 30, 2018

Catching Up

Good Morning All,


Hard to believe it’s been over a week since I posted.  I’ve actually lost track of what day it is at times (which has been fun) and I ended up taking a break from technology which was wonderful.  I’ve kept up with blogs on my phone, but I mostly have not been commenting.  By the sound and look it appears that everyone had a fine holiday.


Our Christmas was nice…busy, but nice.  The weekend before Christmas we ended up at a concert by Piffaro which was fabulous.  Piffaro is a Renaissance group based in Philadelphia.  They only play period instruments from the 1500’s and their music is also from that time.  The entire program was in French (the concert was “A French Noel”).  Their music can be found on Spotify if anyone is interested in hearing them.


We also went to the movies and saw “The Favourite” which we really enjoyed.  It reminded us all of “Phantom Thread” – not the story line, but the atmosphere of the movie.  Last Thursday we watched “Florence Foster Jenkins” with Meryl Streep.  I have not laughed that hard or that long in a very long time.  Meryl Streep is such a fine actress.  Hugh Grant was very good in this as well.

Colin cooked dinner on Christmas day - a wild boar ragu which was amazing!  It tasted more like beef than pork to me and was very tender.  He served that over home-made pasta and we had a bunch of roasted vegetables to go with.  Dessert was a pear crisp.  Yum!!  The day was long but relaxed.  Fletch, Zhongren (Mailing's Dad) and I all fell asleep in the afternoon!  We played Mahjong, worked on a jigsaw puzzle, read, etc.


This past Friday was damp, grey, wet, foggy, etc., etc., but I braved the elements and drove up to Emmaus to meet up with Dee.  The drive up (mostly by the Perkiomen Creek) was gorgeous – kind of like a Sleepy Hollow area – the water was all misty and foggy.  The yarn shop in Emmaus doesn’t open till noon, so we went out for brunch and then to the coffee shop (delicious Turmeric Golden Milk Lattes) for some knitting and chatting and then to Conversational Threads.  What a great store!  I managed to get a few skeins of yarn (all solids).  As always, it was a fun day getting together with Dee.


I have not been doing a lot of knitting, but I managed last night to finish the first Artic Fox sock for Colin.  I realized (again) that I would not have enough yarn for two socks.  Both Fletch and Colin like the leg of their socks to be a bit longer and they both have long feet.  Thus, I used one of the solid skeins I picked up on Friday to finish up the foot and toe decreases of sock #1.  Sock #2 has been started and the cuff ribbing is done.  I hope to get more done on that today before we go out later. 



I think I mentioned that Colin heads of up volunteer arm at his company for the Pennsylvania Philharmonic.  They are giving a concert this afternoon at a local community college, so we are going to head out to see that.  I believe the program is Broadway tunes.  Should be a fun couple of hours.


On the reading front, again, I have not done much.  I read the latest Louise Penny (Kingdom of the Blind) and really enjoyed it.  I’m in the midst (about a third of the way through) “The Feather Thief” and am enjoying that.


That about wraps it up for me.  Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!  May we all be blessed with excellent health, much happiness and a whole lot of joy!


  1. What a lovely Holiday Break you've been having!
    Happy New Year to you and yours as well--may 2019 reward our Hope.

  2. We went to a concert last summer that was all played on period instruments, it was so interesting! They had to keep dumping out the spit though (funny the things you remember!). How fun to have wild boar. I had it one time in Milan (I guess it is very popular in Milan) and it was delicious!

  3. Sounds like it's been a fantastic holiday!

  4. As always, Colin's cooking sounds absolutely delicious! Conversational Threads sounds lovely, but I don't see any mention of a parade? I'm glad you've had a lovely Christmas and wish a very happy and healthy 2019, full of all the things you like best!

  5. Two yarn shops in one day? How exciting! Happy to hear that you've had a nice break and time to recharge.

  6. I must say your day with Dee sounds thoroughly divine. I might have to break out of my hibernation and get out in the world one of these days. I have hit a snag on my reading.. I got the latest Nicholas Sparks and the beginning slogged for me. I will have to try getting into it again.

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. I'm glad your absence has meant that you were having a good time-nice decision on the sock!

  8. Sounds like a lovely holiday time for you and your family.
    I am very impressed with Colin's cooking. Wild boar is very exotic.
    I'm hoping to see a couple movies and The Favourite is on my list!
    Very jealous of your meet-ups with Dee!

  9. Wild Boar?! Wow! That sounds wonderful. It sounds like you had a very enjoyable week and the time off work was restorative AND fun at the same time. I’m wishing you a wonderful New Year my friend.

  10. like you I haven't been knitting or reading much with my house full of people (the kids). However, I have many days that allow it when the house is empty.

  11. What a wonderful way to recharge for the New Year! Welcome back!

  12. I am reading that book right now, and as always it dos not disappoint. Happy New Year Vera!