Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekend Recap

Good Morning!

Gosh, it is already humid out and the forecast is for temps to hit 94 in Philly.  Hopefully it will moderate a bit as the week goes on.

I had such a nice day on Saturday.  I drove up and met Dee at her home Saturday morning.  First of all I FINALLY met Giroux!  What a handsome boy and so sweet.  He was a bit shy with me - he might have smelled Tyg.  We didn't spend too much time at Dee's because we had places to go - a lot of places!  Some stash enhancement was done:

Our first stop was Forever Yarn in Doylestown.  I really like this shop and I picked up the skein on the left while there.  It is by Spun Right Round and is an 80/20 merino blend.  The colorway is Rumble in Brighton.  There was a gorgeous shawl/cardigan on display in the shop knit in linen.  the pattern has not been released yet, but I got the name - "Natsu" - and will be looking for this (the owner couldn't remember the designer - someone else had knit it as a test knit).  Gorgeous.

Next up we went to Peace Valley Lavender Farm - oh my!  What a lovely place.  I did pick up a few gifts for my upcoming Fall Sisters' Weekend.  If we had stayed much longer, I could have curled up and fallen know, that lavender scent is so relaxing.

After that, we headed over to Wrightstown and hit a second yarn shop.  Echo Valley Fiber is a great shop!  Lots of pretty things to drool over.  The skein on the right came from there.  The colorway is Grapefruit Sangria (I think I buy a lot of yarn not only for how gorgeous it is but also for the name!!) and it is 100% superwash merino by Baah La Jolla.

Some of you have already seen this over on Dee's blog, but this was one of the signs outside the yarn shop:

There was a lovely café around the corner from the shop where we had an excellent lunch and then we headed into Newtown.  We did hit a yarn shop there but neither of us bought anything.  We ended up at a coffee shop across the street and sat and sipped iced tea and knit a little bit.

Thanks Dee for such a lovely and fun day!  We will have to do it again rather soon I think, because neither one of us bought too much (or enough - lol).

I never did get around to casting on for my sweater.  I just didn't seem to find enough time to sit down and cast on that many stitches.  New socks were started however:

The pattern (not really visible in the shot above) is Firefly (I can't remember the designer at the moment - will post that later).  The yarn is some I bought earlier this year at the Allentown Fiber Festival.  It is by Good for Ewe and is one of their Kettle Steps yarn.  40% superwash merion, 40% baby llama and 20% nylon.  This yarn was CHEAP - only $15 for the skein which is 100 grams.  Not bad.  So far it is knitting up very nicely.

The other week I had posted pictures of our Rose of Sharon bushes/trees.  This year the blooms are white, but I know we have had pink blooms in the past.  And look what we saw over the weekend - one lone pink bloom amidst all the white.  So pretty.

 Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with fun things!


  1. Pretty, pretty yarn. It's beastly weather here in NEO as well. I vaguely recall a time when I used to like Summer.

    I think.

  2. Glad you had a good time. I sure did!

    The pattern on your sock --- isn't it DRAGONfly? You've made good progress on it.

    The Rose of Sharon is pretty. Isn't nature funny ---- think about hydrangeas. You can have a whole bunch of colors all on the same plant. Or blue will turn pink --- pink go to blue ---- SURPRISE plants!

  3. Sounds and looks like you two had so much fun! And isn't Giroux a character?

  4. Pretty yarn and it sounds like a lovely day with Dee!

  5. Sounds like a fun day with friends and fiber. From my experience, I know you'll love knitting the Baah yarn.

  6. Thanks for taking us along virtually wise! Love your knit picks la jolla. Oh and I i miss our rose of sharon blossoms. They were so special to us. We brought a small tree up here from our illinois home, but it did not transplant well. I'll enjoy yours

  7. What a lovely outing! friends, food and yarn shopping ... honestly, life doesn't get much better!

  8. What a day!!!! Yarn, yarn and more yarn. It must have been heaven. I love what you chose. Both look so much fun.

  9. What a perfect day -- so much fun together (and yarn, too). The lavender farm sounds wonderful. What a great way to balance your day. Here's to a great week! XO

  10. Great weekend! Looking forward to seeing your new yarns knit up...I think I’d have a problem leaving a lavender farm!
    Have a great week! Here’s to cooler!

  11. I'm so jealous you got to meet Giroux!

  12. You and Dee find the best places and yarn! I LOVE that green, and the Baah yarn isn't half bad either! :-)

  13. You got to meet Giroux! What an honor! So glad you had a great time together--the new yarn is gorgeous; the new socks are really nice, too!

  14. Your day with your like-minded friend sounds divine! I like both skeins of yarn you picked out. I have my niece's new baby boy to make something for, I better get busy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)