Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Felines

Look at these two cuties!  Colin worked from home yesterday and decided to do laundry.  After taking the duvet cover off, he just threw the duvet on the floor and the cats made a nest.  Do you see Marcel peeking out from under the covers?  T-Bone (Talbot) sprawled on top.  Later in the day they switched positions.

They sure had the right idea.  It was a grey, wet day all day...and all last night and now it is pouring outside!  But the temps are mild - 46 on my ride in this morning.  Believe that is to change this afternoon with winds picking up and temps dropping.  Unfortunately I am not able to burrow into a duvet...instead I'm at work.

Yesterday's knitting at lunch wasn't quite as I had planned.  I decided to work on finishing the cuff of the first Barn Owl sock.  I did two more rows and then noticed a hole several rows down.  I could not find a dropped stitch.  So, I started to tink back...but tinking on DPNs with fingering weight yarn is not a strong point of mine.  Since the cuff wasn't even finished, I just pulled out the needles and unraveled all that I had done.  Last night I was able to cast them back on and knit five rows of ribbing.  Hopefully today's lunch time will go more smoothly.

On a more positive note, Mailing's Ear/Headband fits!

She texted me this picture this morning.  Such a nice pic on such a gloomy day!

Happy weekend everyone - enjoy!!


  1. She's working that headband! It looks great.

  2. Ahh, pulling back socks and on double points..och. Good luck on your lunch knitting today, hope it goes well. Love the head band!

  3. That headband is stunning. It's not many people that could look that good in one!!

  4. Smart kitties!
    And Mailing look so pretty with her new headband. A perfect colour for her.

  5. Thanks for the happy photos! Those kitties are feeling like I am these days.

    Mailing looks beautiful in her headband (it also helps that she is so very pretty herself).

  6. That is a gorgeous photo of Mailing in her new headband. And I had to look for Marcel in the photo. I seriously only saw one cat for quite a few seconds. He was hiding well.

  7. Hello, Cite photos! I had to look twice for the second kitty. It is hidden well. Mailing's headband looks beautiful. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

  8. Have a nice weekend. We have snow, then rain, then ice, then back to snow.

  9. Look at beautiful Mailing ... and the ear-warmer :-) We had some sleet yesterday and more starting shortly. Curling up with the duvet (and Holly) sounds perfect!

  10. That purple looks so pretty on Mailing.

  11. What a wonderful photo of Mailing with her gorgeous headband! I bet she loves it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Gloomy days are perfect for being lazy (reading a good book, adding a few rows of knitting, or taking a nap). This morning it was snowing, and now at 1PM the sun is shining. Love the headband you knit for Mailing.

  13. Cats have the right idea! I would rip it all out, too! lol The headband looks great on her-nice of you to knit her one!

  14. The headband looks like it fits well. Such a pretty model too. It's always a great relief when a gift fits as intended. Whew! Well maybe you don't have the same difficulties that I run into now and then. I seem to recall you had her try on the first one you knit.


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