Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Good Morning All,

It's a beautiful morning here in Eastern PA and I was the first person in line at my voting place!  Let me tell you, the new paper ballots we have to use are a PITA.  What a SLOW process.  You have to color in all the circles (just like a test in high school) and then you feed your ballot into a machine where it is scanned.  My ballot was spit out by the machine the first time and landed on the floor!  I'm not sure why we switched from the machines to a paper ballot...does anyone know?  Maybe Kat will have the answer - I know she is working the polls in Pittsburgh today.

Anyhoo....Dee had suggested I try dragging and dropping pictures into the blog, but I could not get that to work at all.  Araignee commented yesterday that by switching to HTML mode she was able to add pictures.

Look Ma, it worked!!!  That's the sock picture I tried to add to yesterday's post.  Sadly it hasn't changed one row.  I never was able to knit last night.  Maybe I can finish it up and Kitchener it at lunch.  This picture is much lighter than the colors are in real life.  There is a strong red, blues, etc.  This looks more yellow and pinky to me.  Either way it's pretty!

Yesterday ended up being a very busy day for moi.  But a good one.  The lunch out was nice - we were celebrating Sheryl's (Bobby's assistant) 60th birthday.  There were just 8 of us for lunch at a local restaurant, and it was very good.  I did have my review later in the day which went well, but then a flurry of e-mails came through that I needed to attend to and I ended up leaving work much later than I normally do...and I needed to stop for wine on the way home.  This is why:

My words of wisdom, thanks to Fletch who saw this in some publication and cut it out for me.  It's true!!

Both Fletch and I are slowly feeling better.  Fletch is not as raspy sounding, though he is still coughing a lot.  I am still sleeping so much!  Nine hours straight through last night (which is why no knitting was accomplished...and no reading either!).

Hope you are all doing well.  Please remember to VOTE.  Yes, it's an off-year election, but still important.


  1. In Ohio, we switched to paper ballots also, but no colouring in. We fed in a long paper, made choices on a touch screen, then took the completed ballot to a scanner. What a process!

    I asked why the conversion occurred, and I was told that the old machines were obsolete; parts were no longer available, so they switched to these. Hmm.

    I'm thinking Election Security--paper ballots are verifiable--is the reason.

  2. We haven't gone to the physical voting place in years. Everyone here votes by mail. I have to say, I really like it as it gives you time to research your vote if something is on the ballot that you weren't aware of. We can then drop them at any library or post office and you don't have to pay for postage. It's been this way for years and we really do prefer it. We voted almost 3 weeks ago and it's good to have it done. One thing I wish I could dictate to all of the people running for office is that they would NOT be allowed run mean, nasty or rude ads against their competitors. No smear campaigns. Please just tell us what YOU would do, not what you think of the other person. I don't remember it being like this years ago. I haven't turned on the television in weeks because of the ads.
    Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. :-) I just despise all of the negativity in the world today and those campaigns just seem to make it worse.
    Boy, oh boy! Where did that come from? lol

  3. Wyoming switched from machines to paper ballots about fifteen years ago. I think one reason for the switch is that the machines are hard to service. Love the wine saying!

  4. We've used the fill-in-the-bubble paper ballots here in Michigan since I can remember! I always like feeding my ballot into the reader at the end . . . because then it tells me "You Vote Has Bene Counted!" (I like that part almost as much as getting a sticker!!!) Your sock is so cheerful and happy (in either color scheme!) -- but what I REALLY love is the "words of wisdom" Fletch cut out for you. :-D Be gentle with yourself as you are recovering, Vera!

  5. (Yeah. That machine actually spells the word "been" correctly, by the way. . . ) ;-)

  6. I'm proud of you to vote.. we didn't have anything to vote for where we're at. They did have a vote in Portland but we're in the countryside and could not vote for their issues. I like the sock and I'm glad you were able to do a go-around to add photos. I hope you feel all better soon.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. We have those types of voting machines too and I hate that I feed it into a machine to be counted. I have no idea who the machine gave my vote to. I may be paranoid but I don't trust anything but hand marked and hand counted paper ballots. I've seen too many people complaining about their votes being changed including a Senator from VA who saw it change right before his eyes. Of course he's sponsoring a bill for election security that is just sitting on the desk in the senate.

  8. Voting has gotten so complicated .... of course the world - and our democracy - has too! Glad we did our part today!! LOVE that speckled sock and yay for feeling better! (my hairdresser has that coffee/wine wisdom in a frame ... it's my serenity prayer too)

  9. We had that paper type of ballot in Orlando. It is a double check system. If the electronics go wrong, they have the paper ballots they can tally.

    Who KNOWS if the machine really counts our electrons?????

  10. I am sorry to hear that your process was so long, in Allegheny county we still were on our old machines, but they told us this would be the last time for them. The reasoning behind the change over from our current system is because it can be hacked and there is no paper trail of how a voter actually voted. Sad, but true - the paper trail has become necessary.

  11. So glad you got pictures working again. Yay! We switched to that same paper ballot thing here as well. I miss the old machines. But we got early voting for the first time, which was fantastic! Hope you are both feeling much better soon. I hate being sick! Oh, and yay on fixing that mistake on the blanket. Doesn't it feel good?

  12. Nice work on the sock--you will get to finish it up today; yesterday was sure full house for you! The sleep will help!
    Yes, we vote with paper ballots-it's not so bad and I like the back-up , hands on availability if there is questions!

  13. At our polling place, we fed the paper into the machine, and we could check at the end to see that it correctly recorded our votes, then hit SUBMIT, and it said "Your vote has been counted!" I'm surprised that the 'burbs had something different ... maybe because they assume that everyone in the city votes "early and often?"

    That is one happy-looking sock!