Friday, August 2, 2019

TGIF August 2, 2019

Good Morning All!

It was kind of a misty/foggy drive into work today.  Dawn is definitely a bit later these days and this morning felt surprisingly cool (REFRESHING!!).  I ended up turning off both the AC and the ceiling fan last night and just slept with the window open - it was wonderful.

A few more garden things for you this morning.  First up these are the sunflowers we have growing in our tall raised bed box (this is where our garlic was planted - already harvested, and we have a couple of potato plants at the other end which are just about ready to dig):

These sunflowers have grown tall - the other ones we have are fairly short.  The purple blooms in this picture are loosestrife - an invasive species, but we love it.  Another spot of color and it really has not spread in our yard - it stays in our boggy area.

More tomatoes.  I picked these last night from one plant.  There will be the same amount ready to be picked tonight!

So many!  And so delicious!  The cukes in the background are from Colin's garden.

What are you doing for the weekend?  Mine is shaping up to be fairly busy which is a disappointment.  We have a lot of errands and running around to do tomorrow.  My hope is that we can get it all done and just be home on Sunday.  Fingers crossed.

Finally, because it's Friday, there should be a feline picture.

Here is the handsome Tyg looking like he would like to say "put the camera away and just let me be."  He is sprawled on one of the deck chairs on the patio (he stole my seat when I got up to pick the tomatoes).

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - Enjoy!


  1. It's definitely that time of year when it's hard to keep up with the tomatoes! Good luck in getting everything done on Saturday. You deserve a free Sunday and Monday will be here all too soon!

  2. Ooops, I think you have that wrong. He didn't steal your seat ..... you were most obviously preventing him from sitting in HIS seat.

    Hope you get to relax on Sunday. :-)

  3. Have a terrific weekend! Glad it has cooled off a bit.

  4. Nice haul of tomatoes!

    Our weekend suddenly turned out to be a busy one also, with guests involved. Now I'm looking forward to Sunday, which we should have to ourselves. (Is that plain terrible?)

  5. May your errands be completed quickly so you can enjoy more "down" time to recharge. Love the sunflowers! Do you let birds feed on the heads or do ou roast the seeds for snacks?

  6. We are still waiting for the cool down here. We've had terrible storms every night which has just made the humidity worse. Ugh.

  7. Love your sunflowers!
    Give that Tyg a little snuggle for me.

  8. Awww, Tyg is a sweetie. Just look at that face. We're having a heat wave here and it is to be near 100 for the first part of next week. We spent our staycation doing normal stuff with a few days at the lake. Next week I think I'll stay home in the A/C.

  9. That is one handsome cat.. he's is giving us "the look".. lol. I hope you get all your errands done on Saturday so you can relax on Sunday. I just need to get through my sister's funeral tomorrow and try to get back to some normality next week.
    ((hugs)), Teresa

  10. What a tomato haul! Go you! Have a great weekend!

  11. HI tyg tyg! I want a quiet weekend too. Fireman had other ideas and I SHUT HIM DOWN. I simply cannot go go go go go! I know it is summer but I need the living to be easy.

  12. What a beautiful time of summer! Great harvest!
    Cats have a uncanny sense of scooping up chairs if you move your feet!

  13. Love your sunflowers so sunny and cheery!! Give your kitty a hello from me :)

  14. Your tomato bounty looks great! I love home grown tomatoes