Friday, August 16, 2019

Pretty Things


The weekend is here!  Still summer, so I am hoping to leave work by Noon or so.  I have one or two stops to make on my way home, but not really much.

Yesterday afternoon Fletch and I were enjoying our beverages on the patio and we noticed that at the edge of our property we have honeysuckle blooming again!

It's right in the midst of a Rose of Sharon tree - so nice to see as the Rose of Sharon blooms are beginning to dwindle.

Then we were gazing at the vegetable garden (which is looking pretty spent these days) and noticed that the hibiscus had a lot of blooms (after looking like it was finished):

We did see a hummingbird, but he/she did not go for the hibiscus.  There are a few late blooms on our trumpet vine that were attracting him/her.  We have a lot of cat birds around this year and there are still brilliant goldfinches coming to our thistle feeder.

Yesterday I managed to finish "The Dakota Winters" at lunch.  Despite it taking me longer than it should have, I did enjoy this read.  A good look back at NYC.  Last night I started reading The Day The World Came to Town and also Late Migrations and am enjoying both.

Weekend plans include meeting up with Dee tomorrow for some coffee and knitting.  This weekend is the 58th Philly Folk Festival which is not too far from us.  Often Fletch and I have either walked or biked on a rails-to-trails path that goes right behind the Old Pool Farm where the Festival is held.  But, the weather forecast is for pretty hot and very humid weather, so I'm thinking we will skip that.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Summer is winding down - enjoy the last of it!


  1. It's so nice to see late-blooming flowers! I'm enjoying the goldfinches that come to the sunflowers (but not the squirrels that tear them down). Have a good weekend!

  2. Late blooming flowers are the star of all gardens! Have a great weekend!

  3. Ahhh, we do love all of the color and surprises of late blooms!

  4. I liked 'The Dakota Winters". I had never heard that story about John Lennon and the boat and had to google it to see if it was true!

  5. Thinking now that I may have to check out Dakota Winters (which, by the way, sounds like a great stage or author name).

    My basil is enjoying a banner year like your hibiscus. Making pesto today, for the third time.

  6. It's all cardinals and robins here. I've barely seen my little yellow finches this year. I even put niger seed out for them.

    I love you Hibiscus. Do you have to bring it in for the winter?

  7. It sounds like you have some lovely weekend plans with both a festival and knitting with Dee. I hope the humidity is low and you can have a wonderful time at both places.

  8. Yes, summer is certainly winding down: I can sense a slight smell of Fall on the early morning air, and the setting sun is inching southward slightly more each evening.

  9. My backyard used to smell like heaven when the honeysuckle was in bloom. I wonder where it all went? I haven't seen it in ages.

  10. Im so very sorry Pennsylvania had a shooting last week. UGH. When it hits home its awful.
    Im glad you get to see Dee!
    My flowers are just coming into numbers now. I m still waiting for the echinacea to bloom. A few are blooming in a shady spot of the woods? My porch flowers are growing well and we are having a pumpkin! I figured it was a squash of some kind, and finally it is looking round and the leaves are yes...pumpkin. I give it miracle grow and water daily. Hmmmmmm county fair? Its NOT that big!

  11. Playing catch up again, so I'm just going to say things as I think of them from your posts. Did you know The Hundred Foot Journey was a novel first? I read the book. Haven't seen the movie yet. I need to do that -- I like Helen Mirren too! Love how your yin yang kitty socks came out -- so cute! Also like how the watermelon socks are looking! Nice on your travel plans!

  12. Well maybe I will have to try The Dakota Winters book. I have been on the fence about it. I am glad you are finding some blooms as we cruise into the last weeks of August. How nice you and Dee can see each other for knitting and coffee excursions.

  13. have fun at the festival if you go and have fun with Dee!! I have been sitting in AC while the humidity grows - boo.