Monday, August 12, 2019

Another Monday

Good Morning!

The past few mornings have been beautiful - temps in the upper 50's and no humidity.  I think that humidity will creep in today though and temps are to rise.  The weekend was absolutely gorgeous weather-wise.

I'm happy to say that I did accomplish so much this weekend (and also managed to relax a bit).  The bathrooms are once again safe to enter - lol - and the kitchen floor has been scrubbed.  I'm not clear on how just two people can create so much dust and dirt, but it is what it is.  All clean for a day or two anyway.

The YinYang Kitty socks are finished.

Yes, the eyes and nose on the dark kitty are difficult to see (a little better in person).  I will probably go over the eyes with more green and use an embroidery stitch...but that is for another day.  Right now I am just happy to have finished these.  And, yes, one of the ears looks a bit wonky.  But that's real life folks!  I'm a relatively new knitter, so I'm just proud that I was able to get these finished (and ALL the ends woven in).

To celebrate that finish, I have some new starts:

On the right is the start of the first sleeve for my sweater that was started a year ago.  On the left is a new pair of socks for my friend Leslie.  She is allergic to wool, so this yarn is cotton and nylon.  The stripes look like watermelon!  I want to get these knit and finished before Sisters' Weekend at the end of October.

We had some visitors in our yard yesterday.  Early in the morning I saw:

Later in the afternoon 4 showed up to eat the apples that have fallen from our tree.  They also nibbled ALL the hostas and were beginning to consume one of our burning bushes!

Yesterday I looked and there are once again two frogs in our little water feature:

So cute!  They are multiplying like rabbits - lol.  There had been two a few weeks ago and then one of them was dead in the water (Tyg's doing??).  Now there are two again.  Hopefully they will remain safe, because this guy...:

He is so anxious to *play* with Froggy and Froggy Jr.  They need to keep a sharp eye out for Mr. Tyg.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. Lovely knitting and an abundance of wildlife! Those kitty socks are so cute, the new watermelon socks are great, and a sweater sleeve sounds promising. I'm still rooting for the frogs, but the deer seem to be well able to fend for themselves. They could have left at least a few hostas untouched!

  2. You're really speeding along with your knitting! Are you putting whiskers on the sox?

    We've had a little pond with a waterfall in our backyard garden for decades, and we've never had frogs show up. EVER. I'm jealous!

  3. It does us good to view the wildlife so close , doesn't it!
    The socks are so sweet-what joy to wear them!
    Nice to put a new pair of socks on the needles and to resurrect a sweater!

  4. How about changing the eye color to yellow? Maybe that would show better.

    Mr. Tyg is certainly taking security duty SERIOUSLY!

  5. Those darned deer! I caught them 'bedding down' in my day lilies last week. I love those socks though! My oldest daughter might need a pair of those!

  6. Oh my goodness those socks are adorable! I'm sorry about the deer delighting in your garden, but they are so adorable. Up here they're pests that people have literally 8 foot high fences to keep them out.
    I'm glad you have another frog friend and wonder how Tyg could be distracted from them.
    Wishing you a happy Monday Vera.

  7. love the socks!! This weekend was beautiful BUT in Phili it was 86 degrees in the city center and I melted away whenever we walked outside. I do love living in the country and being surrounded by trees :)

  8. Sounds like such a lovely weekend! The watermelon socks will be really great!

    Pretty soon you'll be able to host "Wild Kingdom" from your yard. ;-)

  9. Hello, The kitty socks are adorable. I like the deer and the frogs at the pond too. Does Tyg want to play with the frogs. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.

  10. Cute socks! I like Dee's suggestion of yellow for the eyes on the dark kitty.

  11. Bravo on the sock finish.. so cute! Will you model them for us? Oh.. Tyg looks very interested in the froggy habitat.. I hope he lets them live. I don't know why more frogs don't adopt our pond. Have a super week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Oh those kitty socks are so darn cute!!! I have the pattern on my saves.....
    Tag can't resist a frog!

  13. I love attracting wildlife into my garden. Except . . . maybe I wish the deer wouldn't do quite so much munching! Your frogs are so cool -- and very steadfast! I think your yin-yang socks are just adorable. XO

  14. Great socks!
    And I love the pic of Tyg at the end. I have a similar picture of Rupert watching the robins!

  15. What a nice water feature. Perfect little spa area for froggy. Minus that guard of course.