Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Review of 2018

Good Morning!

When I left work just before 4 p.m. yesterday, my car was covered in slushy sleet…and again this morning, but it is above freezing and actually pretty foggy outside.

I decided that before too much more of January skips by us I should do a reading and knitting review of 2018.  I don’t set goals or anything…I just like seeing what I did.


I read a total of 43 books during 2018.  16 were non-fiction and 27 were fiction.  Six of the 43 were read with Fletch after dinner (1 fiction; 5 non-fiction).  My ratings (1-5 stars):

  • ·         12 at 5 *
  • ·         4 at 4.5 *
  • ·         11 at 4 *
  • ·         7 at 3.5 *
  • ·         7 at 3 *
  • ·         2 at 2.5 *

Nice that 27 were rated 4 * or above.  My favorite book overall for 2018 was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne (read with Fletch after dinner).


A total of 16 projects:

  • ·         8 pairs of socks
  • ·         4 pairs of fingerless mitts
  • ·         1 sweater
  • ·         1 shawl
  • ·         1 hat
  • ·         1 fiddly cat

And there you have it!  My Knitting/Reading journal for 2019 has already been started with a finish in each category.  Again, no goals, but I will be curious to see how 2019 stacks up compared to 2018.  More on that in another year – lol.

Today should be a little busier for me than yesterday was – starting with a financial conference call at 10:30.  But, knitting and reading have been brought to work (I did start a hat yesterday at lunch time).  Wishing you all the best that this Tuesday may bring you.


  1. These are nice totals! I've tried to talk John into reading after dinner like you and Fletch. I even got Call of the Wild and White Fang because they're short and I thought they might hold his interest, but no luck. Happy Tuesday!

  2. I didn't read one book! So ashamed!

  3. Those are impressive totals. Every year I say I will keep track of my projects completed but I always forget. Stay safe on the roads.

  4. You enjoyed a year of accomplishments! Bravo! I love that you and Fletch read after dinner. What a lovely habit to share. XO

  5. Keeping track of your projects and reading is a good idea.

  6. Working a full-time job and getting all that knitting and reading is wonderful! Pat yourself on your back!

  7. I have to say I'm impressed that you accomplish all that reading and knitting while holding down a pretty intense job. You rock! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. It's always fun to see how things stacked up the last year. I know my reading wasn't good -- lowest number of books read in a year. Sad. Not sure about knitting though.

  9. You had a very productive 2018. I'll bet 2019 will top it!

  10. 2018 was certainly a successful year for reading and knitting (especially with a Day Job) - best wishes for more of the same in 2019!

  11. Great returns on your 2018 knitting and reading! Carry on!