Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday...a Change of Routine...09-05-18

Well Hello!

Happy Wednesday Evening.  It is just hot as blazes around here.  90's for the past ??? days with heat indexes over 100.  I *think* the weather is finally supposed to break by Friday and Saturday is promising (at the moment) to be a good day weather-wise for the New Jersey Sheep & Wool.  Dee and Joyce and I are going up together and are planning to meet up with Bridget and Bonny - !!  Can't wait.

The week has been busy at work.  Additionally, I had to run "updates" on my computer at work on Tuesday and now I am unable to post on my blog from my work computer and...even worse...I am unable to read some of your blogs!  I can access them on my phone at work, but commenting is a bit of a PITA.  For years (decades) I have not used my home laptop for anything other than personal financial stuff and ordering off Amazon occasionally (or a lot...depending!).  I'm on a computer constantly at work, so not being on one at home has been very nice.  But now I will need to change up my routine a bit.

So, it is Wednesday evening and dinner (a cold dinner - crab salad, raw veggies) is finished and the kitchen is cleaned up.  There has not been any unraveling this week - and barely any knitting.  But the sweater is finally up to the point where I will decrease around the armholes and then start knitting the sleeves.  The pattern calls for it to be 12" to this point, but I wanted it a bit longer.  I'm just shy of 14" so I think that is good.

The yarn color is actually a bit deeper than this picture shows.  It is so soft.

On the reading front, I have started Less which I admit to being less than thrilled about.  I'm just finding it a bit boring.  I'm about a third of the way through, but am thinking I will abandon it.  I have some books on my nightstand that I want to read and a couple more have come through on Overdrive that seem to be a bit more interesting.  I'm also reading Being Mortal and really enjoying it.  My nephew read it and then gave it to his parents - my brother and sister-in-law.  My brother didn't want to read it AT ALL.  My SIL read it and got a lot out of it - including tips on how to deal with her aging parents. 

Our garden is still producing.  Tomatoes, carrots (not that great tasting).  Eggplants are beginning to form on the plants I have on the patio and (the second crop of) sugar snaps are climbing the trellis.  We also had a volunteer pumpkin vine this year.  Fletch cut a couple of pumpkins off the vine that were dragging on the ground and Colin took those.  Last week the vine started dying, so Fletch cut a couple more.  We have them on our buffet in the kitchen (excuse the glare on the picture on the wall - impossible to photograph the buffet without that glare).

They are tiny little pumpkins, but so cute.  I love having them in the house.  Fall must be coming (my favorite season).

Col will be over for dinner tomorrow and then Friday Fletch and I are going up to Colin & Mailing's for my birthday dinner!!  They are making squid ink pasta and puttanesca sauce - I'm excited for that.  Also a lemon pound cake (it has been years since anyone has baked me a birthday cake!!). 

And my laughing moment over the past weekend:  since I am turning 65 on Monday, I finally logged on and applied for Medicare (Part A).  Where have the years gone???  Since I'm still working and have health coverage, I am not taking Part B at this time...or SS payments yet.

I'm thankful this is a short week and will try to post again after the NJ fiber festival!


  1. Awwwwww....the little pumpkins are so cute!!!

  2. Happy early Birthday!

    I loved Being Mortal and think it should be required reading.

  3. After years of flashing Daddio's, I just got my very own Medicare card. It was a very sobering experience. It sure feels like the beginning of the end. Sigh......

  4. I love the pattern on that plate. So cheery and pretty.

    My mother is declining and the dreaded word Alzheimer's appeared for the first time in her medical diagnosis. Thank you for the book recommendation; it sounds like something I should read now.

  5. My brain feels a little frazzled with this weather! I have high hopes that this is the last day of it and we finally have some cooler temperatures that stay that way for a while. Being Mortal is a wonderful and important book. I'm going to re-read it in 2019 and share it with my kids.

  6. Your sweater is coming beautifully! The pumpkins look so cheery for a nice Fall touch!

  7. How neat you have your own little pumpkins to create an Autumn display. I always have to buy some. Your sweater is going to be magnificent! When do you get to retire? You will love being home more. An early..

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. That is a beautiful sweater. I've been "retired" for several years and love it, although I still can't apply for Medicare for seven more years. I started working fullt-time when I was 14 years old and worked until 53 so I figure I earned an early retirement. ha!
    Love the sweet little pumpkins. How fun to grow your own.

  9. Happy Early Birthday!! I sure hope you're taking Monday off :-) and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and early celebrations, too! (and good luck with your change of routine .... I'm sure it must be hard to get back on the computer at home but we do love to hear from you!)

  10. We've got lovely weather here now. I hope you do too and that it holds for your adventure!

  11. I wish i hadnt cut my cosmos down . THey dont look good now. I should have been happy with some woodier stalks and flowers!