Monday, September 10, 2018

Slugs and Florence

Hi All,

It is almost 9:30 Monday night.  I just got out of the shower and stepped onto the patio to have a glass of wine.  Ugh!  The slugs are back...6", 4", all over.  I thought there were a bunch at the end of the patio, but thank God they were just leaves curled around to make me think there was an invasion going on!

The weather turned cooler (finally) and, of course, I froze at work today.  I wore jeans, a heavy cotton sweater, a scarf around my neck and hand-knit socks.  My hands were numb most of the day.  The AC was still running (and we will probably need it by the end of the week).  Weird how less than a week ago I was complaining about temps in the 90's and today I don't think it got much above 62.

Florence is looking like a mighty nasty storm.  All you folks who are potentially in her path, take care!  My friend Leslie was supposed to fly up to Philadelphia from Greensboro Thursday morning and then we were going to fly together to Providence, but today she changed her flights to go up Wednesday night.  Thankfully/hopefully ahead of the storm.  I should be fine flying out of Phila. Thursday morning.

I mentioned that I finished the body of my sweater (Juniper Top).  Here it is:

The picture makes it look short (and wide!!) to me.  But the pattern called for about 12" bottom to binding off for the armholes.  This is really about 14" (I wanted it to be a bit longer).  Next up I will knit the sleeves (which have such a pretty lace pattern on them) and then join them to the body.  Although this has taken me longer to knit than I expected, for a variety of reasons, overall I have enjoyed the knitting.  I'm really learning to take it easy, relax and just enjoy the moment.  It's a welcome and nice change.

On the reading front, I am about 1/4 of the way through Ordinary Grace and really enjoying it.  I'm also about 1/4 of the way through "Being Mortal," a very interesting and well written book.

Well, time to dry my hair and then head to bed.  I was awake from around 2:30 a.m. to 4 a.m. last night and I have been dragging all day.  I'm going to try to pack for the weekend tomorrow night so that Wednesday I can just relax.  I have a very early pick up for a ride to the airport Thursday morning (5:45 a.m.  YIKES).


  1. The change in weather has been rather drastic . . . so suddenly chilly! (I am not complaining, just observing.) Your sweater will really start moving along now -- and should be all ready for wear when you really need it! :-)
    (I loved Being Mortal. I recommend it to everyone I meet!)

  2. I think your sweater is going to be so pretty! I love the color of the yarn you chose.

    Slugs make me physically ill. Ugh.

  3. You need Escar-Go! ( John's sister gave me a box for Christmas a few years ago because she thought my hatred and squeamishness towards slugs was funny, but it works. I still hate slugs, but not as much if they're dead. John's grandmother used to dig small holes in her garden, put small pint jars in the holes, and then pour a few inches of beer in the jars. The slugs fall in and drown. Her method also works, but I don't want to waste beer on such repulsive creatures!

  4. I hate slugs, too. I used to send my boys out with a canister of salt and let them enjoy themselves sprinkling it on the slugs. It sounds horribly cruel, but...slugs! Ugh.

  5. Gah.......slugs are the worst.

    Have a safe trip and I hope your friend gets out of SC before the storm.

  6. I can't tell you how many times I have stepped on a slug. Ugh.

  7. Ugh! That lack of sleep would account for feeling extra chilly at work, too. The sweater is sooooo pretty-I notice that many patterns are going cropped again. Not a style attractive for so many of us so it is nice to say, " I am a knitter; I can add 2" as I see fit!"

  8. Sounds like your friend Leslie made a good decision to get out ahead of the storm - which is looking even worse today ... I do hope we get some cooler temperatures from it, but that hasn't happened yet. Love your top - that color will be so pretty on you. And like Kym, I loved Being Mortal; it should be required reading for everyone!

  9. We have drastically cooler weather up here in the Northwest too. It’s hard to believe it was so hot last week. Good idea at your friend flying out early. Praying for a safe trip for both of you. Florence is not looking like a nice lady at all.
    I love the color of your sweater. Every time I think about making myself one, I promise myself that I will lose weight and then make one. Ha! Hasn’t happened yet.
    Blessings, Betsy

  10. Slugs.. ugh! At least they should go away when the cold weather comes. I love the color of your sweater.. plum is one of my favorites. I hope your trip goes well for you. I'm worried too about the hurricane. Too many disasters! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. I am not a fan of slugs or other slimy you have my sympathy! It was gray all day today and I loved it! I am thrilled it is not 90 degrees.

  12. Slugs are one of my least favorite garden pests!
    I just hate roller-coaster weather. Your body can't adjust fast enough.
    I though Being Mortal was brilliant. I wish more doctors would take it seriously.

  13. I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend! Glad your friend planned ahead to escape the hurricane. Slugs. Ugh.

  14. Thinking all went well with your trip and meetup with your friend. I remember oh so well the freezing offices in Sept/Oct when the the temp changed,,and our A/C was regulated in Atlanta...we were in MD. Go figure! Never made much sense ‘cause people invariably got sick and had to stay home. Have a drier weekend.