Monday, September 3, 2018

Back Home

Hello All,

I have missed you!  I read some blogs on my phone, but honestly, it is a PITA to post a comment (and impossible on some).

So, first up Hilton Head.  It was nicer than I anticipated.  Actually cooler than home (80's versus 90's).  The first night was just everyone hanging out in the hotel's sports bar and outside (we had corn hole and darts set up).  It was humid for sure.  Around midnight some of the guys (liquored up) decided to go swimming in the ocean.  I (Mother Hen) was a bit worried, but everyone survived...even though one jerk went in at 1 a.m. by himself for 40 minutes!!.

I woke early the next day to a beautiful sunrise (I had opened the drapes in my room which faced east).  But soon the dark clouds raced in and we had thunder storms.  Des (my accountant) and I had our spa appointments at 11:30:  Sugar Glow:  a body rub with coconut sugar followed by a massage with pineapple oil.  Heavenly.

The sky stayed cloudy, but our boats still took off.  We were soaked!  I had on white jeans that were literally plastered to my body (not attractive).  Most of the guys got pretty tanked with stopping at 3 bars, but the ride was fun (despite the rain and the spray from the boat).  We saw a lot of dolphins and at the end, this guy came up to say hello:

Our limo ride to the airport Wednesday morning was a no-show!  Luckily the hotel called a cab and we were fine (Hilton Head airport has 1 gate...not a big place).  I managed to knit exactly two rows on my sweater Tuesday morning.  That was it!

I worked Thursday and Friday which were very busy.  Thursday Colin came over and grilled lamb chops.  And a head of garlic.  We had fresh grilled garlic on our lamb.  Delicious!!

Saturday Colin was back and grilled skirt steak for steak tacos.  They were wonderful.  He made guacamole and pico to go with and we also had radish greens from our garden on the tacos.  Yum!!

Sunday we met friends for lunch (hi Dee & Steve) which was so nice and ran a few errands.  Today has been lazy (after a morning of frantic cleaning of bathrooms and bedrooms).  I managed to clean up the yarn barf from the other week and it is ready to become something...most likely socks.  I've knit a few rows on the sweater and am hoping I'm just about up to the armholes...ready to start the fun part - the sleeves!

Since I missed Friday Felines, here are some cute pics of Marcel and Talbot who helped Colin with the laundry today:

Marcel in the washer.

And Talbot on the clean laundry.

I counted up and read 18 books between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  I had a total of 5 that fit on my Book Bingo sheet...and no bingo for moi.  But, I played the way that worked for me...reading what I wanted and reading all your blogs and getting book suggestions.

Right now I'm reading "Less" (Pulitzer winner) which I am finding just ok.  Fletch and I have also started reading the collection of Flannery O'Conner short stories after dinner.  They are not disappointing!  I haven't read them in probably 30 years or so, but really enjoying again.

This coming week is going to be busy at work.  But, I am looking forward to hooking up with Dee, Bonny and Bridget next Saturday at the New Jersey Sheep & Wool Festival.  Woo-Hoo!!!


  1. Since we are in the 90s with swampy humidity, I pictured you sweltering even more in Hilton Head; I'm glad that wasn't the case! It sounds like a pretty good time and a lovely welcome home with Colin's dinners. I hope you have a great week ahead, and hope to meet all of you on Saturday!

  2. I guess Marcel decided he needed a bath!!! LOL

    Steve predicts Giroux will be in our washer one of these days. LOL He sure is curious about what goes on in there.

    See you Saturday!

  3. Marcel's lucky he was seen before the water was turned on.

    I'm glad you had a good time and a lovely massage.

  4. I'm glad you had mostly fun on your trip. But it sounds like you were happy to be home with your two favorite guys and those two cute fur-kids. Don't work too hard!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I’m glad the trip turned out better than you expected. Love the dolphin picture. May I borrow Colin to do some yummy cooking for us? The food all sounds wonderful!
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat in a washer before. They look like sweet cats that love to be around their people.
    I would love to go to a fiber festival with friends. It’s on my bucket list!

  6. Glad the trip went well overall. Too bad you didn't get to knit more. :D I started Less but somehow couldn't get into it at all so stopped reading it. I'll wait to hear what you thought of it when you finish it. NJ Sheep and Wool -- sounds like fun!

  7. That kitty in the washer is so cute! I'd love to see the look on its face when the water came on.

  8. What a whirlwind! I know you're glad to be back to your Normal Busy Life.

    Love Flannery O'Connor. She's a true Southern Regional writer, and her dark humour is unparalleled. I may have to haul out my Complete Short Story collection now, too.

  9. I'm so glad the trip is behind you and it wasn't all bad! The dolphins would be a very cool visitor! So cute to have the helpers with the laundry! I have plenty of volunteers if I leave clean warm piles of laundry out too long--none of them have gone into the washer, though!

  10. Welcome home! It sounds like your trip was . . . better than expected? Although too bad about the rain. (But dolphin-spotting always brings joy!) I really liked "Less" -- I think I was really in the mood for "funny" when I read it! :-) I love the photos of the laundry-helping kitties!!! XO

  11. Welcome back!

    Marcel cracks me up! I used to be really worried about losing Burton in the dryer - our basement is not well lit, so when he'd climb in there he was hard to see. I always had to do a feel around before shutting the door.

  12. Oh Sheep and Wool sounds most excellent! Oh dear Cat in the washer!!!

  13. Welcome back! I'm glad HH wasn't as bad as you feared ... and that you still had a weekend at home to enjoy. LOVE that photo of Marcel (when I first opened the post I was wondering why you were sharing about the wash :-)

  14. welcome home and glad you had fun! We've been to HH and we liked it except for how long it took to get there. A cat in a washer!! eep!