Friday, September 21, 2018


Hello All,

TGIF!  and I just received an e-mail that our office is closing at 3 today.  YAY!!!  The sun is trying to poke out (after a sort of misty morning).

Fletch did double cat duty at Colin & Mailing's yesterday as I had to take Tyg to the vets after work for some more shots.  When I took him last month, he only received the rabies vaccine and the vet would't give him his other shots (distemper and feline leukemia) because we had to put him on steroids for his allergies.  So now he is good for another year.  His vet visits are more expensive than human doctor appointments! was a very pleasantly cool evening last night and Fletch and I sat outside with a fire for quite some time.  The neighborhood was quiet and we had some music playing (Traffic and Renaissance this time) - so relaxing.  I can, however, smell wood smoke in my hair - lol.

The weekend will be busy.  Cat duty tomorrow and some grocery shopping.  I want to make crawfish etouffee for dinner and then take some over to leave for Colin & Mailing so they'll have something to eat when they get home on Sunday.  And, we need to plan meals, etc. for our upcoming camping trip.  We leave a week from today!  I am so ready.  Looking forward to discovering and exploring some new-to-me yarn shops!!

And just because it's Friday, here are the boys we've been taking care of.  First up Talbot:

And Marcel:

They are good boys, but I know they will be happy to have Colin & Mailing home again.

Wishing you all wonderful weekends - Enjoy!


  1. Hooray for closing early! That extra time is certainly welcome on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy your weekend and crawfish etouffee. That is so thoughtful of you to leave some for Colin and Mailing. (I hope they do the same for you when you return from vacation! :-)

  2. A campfire sounds just wonderful. I love the cat photos you've shared. MY son is coming in for the weekend!!!

  3. Sitting outside at night sounds wonderful. I can't wait for the bugs and the humidity to go away.

  4. Beautiful kitties! We sat outside by a gas fire pit tonight at the lake for the last time this summer. There is STILL a burn ban in our part of the country because it’s so dry here. No real fires for us.
    I’ve never had crawfish of any sort and would love to try yours.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. You really are a wonderful mother and father to take such good care of your son's kitties.. they are very cute. I *love* crawfish etouffee! We lived in Lafayette, Louisiana for 5 years and I grew to love Cajun food. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. What sweet kit kats!

    I hope your weekend turns out as nicely as your plans for it do.

  7. Reading your TGIF post on Saturday morning. The "boys" look quite content. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I hope you had a good day-the cats are beauties!

  9. Such handsome kitties.

    You are a good Mom leaving dinner for the kids. Sounds DELICIOUS!

  10. beautiful cats and yay for being done another year at the vets!

  11. They are beautiful cats. You are always so busy! I know you are looking forward to your holiday.