Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday 08-15-18

Good Morning All!

Wow did we have a ton of rain on Monday...and a bit more on Tuesday.  Today is supposed to get very hot again, but it was pleasant on my patio this morning - 68 degrees and just lovely.

Once again the week is flying by.  I haven't managed to do much knitting at all.  Monday night we were waiting for a plumber to show up (clogged drains over the weekend).  The good news:  the drains cleared themselves and there was no charge by the plumber because he was unable to arrive in the window of time given us (2-6 p.m....and he showed up after 8 p.m.!).  It's all good.

And last night instead of knitting, I baked a peach pie.  My pies are not the prettiest by any stretch of the imagination, but they usually taste pretty good - lol.  Can't wait to have a piece of this tonight.

The peaches I bought over the weekend are delicious!  I am going to stop by the store to get more and have plans to make some peach-ginger jam.

I finished The Radium Girls on Monday night.  Glad I read it, but glad to have it finished.  It's an unpleasant story, but one I had not heard about.  I'm reading a light mystery now, but will be starting The Weight of Ink which just (finally) came through on Overdrive.

Look who showed up the other morning!

Busy destroying some of our daylilies (not good) and a bunch of weeds (good).


  1. We have had rain here too... my garden could use a good day long soaking rain, but no such luck. We get hard rains in short bursts.

    That pie looks amazing! I made Peach Vanilla Jam on Monday - Peach Ginger sounds delicious too!

    I loved The Weight of Ink so much! I hope you do too! I have Radium Girls on my read list and I hope to get to it this fall!

  2. That pie looks so yummy! I love a good peach pie and that does look like a good one.

  3. LOL, I'm sure the day lilies were like peach pie to the deer - very tasty!

  4. Aw, little deers. :) I see them in my yard sometimes, but most often in the wooded ravine below (sometimes a small herd!), and I'm amazed that they don't do more damage to my hostas & things. Your pie looks fine to me!! Mmmm.

  5. peach pie instead of knitting so nice :) I am glad you didn't have to have a plumber! so nice to avoid a charge. We had terrible flooding in our local area and luckily for me it was just a driving inconvenience, I feel bad for all the houses that got water though.

  6. That pie looks loaded with peaches. Nothing wrong with it as far as I can see.

  7. I think that pie looks delicious. Also glad there was no charge from the plumber, that gets expensive very quickly. No rain here for almost three months. In fact, we’re stuck inside because of hazardous air quality from wildfires.

  8. BABIES!!!! So sweet (even if they do munch off the flowers). It must be a good year for deer. We've seen several mamas with TRIPLETS!

  9. The deer are not discriminating unfortunately!!!
    Have a good piece of pie for us!

  10. I think your pie looks delicious! and peach ginger jam sounds yummy, too. I'm looking forward to Weight of Ink (as soon as I finish bingeing through the Vera Stanhope books ;-)

  11. I will not be able to stop thinking about peach pie all day now. (I think my favorite kind . . . ) (but I like pie, generally) (so it's hard to tell for sure). Love the color of your sweater!!! XO