Saturday, May 6, 2017

Vacation...or Things Don't Always Work Out as Planned

Hi All,

How is Everyone?  I've missed conversations.  I've read blogs, but not commented much this past week.  Sorry.....

As you all know because I wouldn't shut up about it for so long, we were to be on vacation this past week.  And we were.  But not as intended.  We had a staycation.  Which is ok...just not what was planned.

Last Friday night as I was yakking on the phone with a friend, Fletch was putting the final "stuff" in the car.  I got off the phone and went out and Fletch was no where to be found.  He finally showed up about 10 minutes later with Rob, our neighbor across the street who is an electrician.  I thought, this does not bode well.  We could not get any outside lights (i.e., brake, turn signals, etc.) on our camper.  And then the car battery died. 

I won't go into all the gory details of us licking our wounds for several days.  By Wednesday the problem was fixed (blown fuse in the wiring for the camper which we could not get to - naturally), but that was too late in the week for us to take off for our intended destination.  We did console ourselves by checking weather and seeing that we would have had heavy rain for a lot of the days we would have been gone which would have meant not as much hiking as intended, etc.

Things happen for a reason.....

Meanwhile, we did hike locally in Evansburg State Park one day.  We felt like we were in an aviary - there was so much loud and constant bird song and chatter.  It was beautiful.  We saw lots of Spring flowers blooming.  Phlox and Buttercups:

Virginia Bluebells:

May Apples:

The leaves of May Apples are perfect for Wood Sprites to hide beneath!

And shelf fungus (not technically a flower, but beautiful and interesting):

Not much else was done other than reading and knitting on my end.  Match and Move is off the needles as of 3:00 this afternoon.  No pictures yet...I still have ends to weave in and blocking.  But I LOVE it.

I finished "The Swans of Fifth Avenue" which I would give 3.5 starts.  I really like Melanie Benjamin's writing style (loved "Aviator's Wife), but found this book a bit depressing and then annoying.  Am now reading "Commonwealth" by Ann Patchett and am like parts and some parts are just plain annoying.  I think I'm in a funk with reading.  Am definitely looking forward to Book Bingo to spur me on this summer.

We did a few things around the house and I tried not to do domestic chores (cleaning and laundry), but gave in mid-week.  And look where I found Tyg after I cleaned the upstairs bathroom:

He actually felt warm and then we noticed the cut on his ear.  Like Maestro, Tyg is an extremely good patient.  He held still while we put some Neosporin on his cut and then slept most of the day.  He is fine, except for bringing in ticks.  The "natural" tick repellant we are using seems to be working.  The ticks get on him, but only on the surface of his fur - they don't burrow down and bite him.  The unfortunate part is that he brings them in and they drop off in the house.  Uggghhhhh.

So it is back to work for me on Monday and I'll be back to regular commenting on all your blogs.  I have been enjoying them, but mostly on my phone and commenting via my phone is a PITA.

Hope you are all well and enjoying life.  See you soon!!


  1. What a bummer! So sorry you had to have a staycation instead. It does sound like the weather wasn't going to cooperate though. Looking forward to seeing your shawl finish. i think it's such a pretty design!

  2. Oh, no...naughty camper. That kitty in the sink is so adorable!

  3. Well, such things do happen and you need to roll with them! Looks like you did a good job of taking the disappointment well!
    Tyg is adorable in the sink! My guys lay there sometimes, too!

  4. Tyg looks a little peeved that you interrupted his sink nap! LOL

    Sorry that your vacation didn't turn out like you planned, but it looks like you made the best of it.


  5. Weather has been really crap hasn't it? Sorry your vacation was not as planned. Does the natural repellent work on fleas too?

  6. aw, so sorry your travel plans went awry - I think staying home was more fun than camping in the rain (at least a lot warmer and dryer ;-) looking forward to having you back!

  7. I am sorry your planned vacation didn't work out, but you do seem to have made the best of it. A vacation where you finish your Match and Move sounds like a successful one to me! Looking forward to seeing it in all its colorful glory!

  8. I heard it was to be a Big Tick Season. Glad you are on top of it already.

    Sorry about your troubles, but glad that you did not have to camp in the rain and swamp.

    Tyg is so wonderful (as you undoubtedly know).

  9. My mom's favorite cats used to sleep in the small sink basin in the dairy barn. I always thought it was sweet to see two or more curled up in the basin.

  10. At least you were able to make the most of it!

    My old cat used to sleep in the sink when she wasn't feeling well. I think it was because it was nice and cool when she felt too hot.

  11. I'm very sorry about your vacation plans changing. I did enjoy the pics from the aviary. Tyg is so sweet napping in the sink! Our new rescue is an explorer and is constantly getting into something - keeps me on my toes! Have a pleasant evening.

  12. That is a bummer about your camper . . . but camping in the rain is really not that fun, either . . . so maybe a good thing? When I was a little girl, we had a kitty that always, always slept in the bathroom sink. She just loved it there! Silly kitties. . .

  13. I missed you !!! camper repairs, well now you can COUNT on it the rest of the season!!
    Very glad you finished match adnmove. cannot wait to see it