Monday, May 15, 2017

Ahhhh, The Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had as nice a weekend as we did.  True, the weather could have been better (rain ALL day on Saturday), but we still had a nice time.

On Saturday we met Colin and Mailing for brunch/lunch at Stove & Tap in Lansdale.  Excellent food (Fletch had a cheesesteak which may be the best ever, I had a fried catfish po boy [Fletch and I shared our orders], Mailing had biscuits & gravy, Colin had waffles & chicken) and the Bloody Mary's were superb!  Good food, good conversation and then home for naps - lol.

Fletch and I went out for breakfast on Sunday which was very nice too. 

Also, some knitting was accomplished!  After numerous false starts (you know the yarn always knows what it wants to be....despite what you think), the gradient yarn is finally starting to turn into a shawl:

I tried a couple of other patterns and then discovered the yarn really wanted to be Elevations - the pattern I was given (free on Ravelry) when I bought this yarn at the Steel City Fiber Festival.  I was hoping for a shawl that would be a little deeper on my back, but not this time.  So far I am loving this.  The pattern is an easy 12 row repeat - a quick one to memorize.  The light color (pulling from the center) is more like a very pale mint green rather than a pale blue. 

A number of you recommended The Shell Seekers and I was finally able to get it on my Kindle from the library.  I started it Sunday morning and am loving it so far.  A nice change from The Year of Living Danishly which is just way over-done (too many facts/figures/statistics/etc.) in my opinion.  I also managed to print out my Summer Book Bingo card! 

If you want to join in the summer book fun, details are on Mary's Blog
This week will be a short one for me at work - only working through Thursday.  But, it is budget season and I have a bunch of folks coming in for budget reviews (pleading, begging, etc.).  I'm also booked for a massage Thursday right after work - yay!!  Friday we are driving down to Virginia for a wedding on Saturday.

Hoping everyone has a fabulous week!


  1. Saturday was grim, cold, and rainy, but I'm glad you got to enjoy some delicious food (and drink)! I think that yarn will look wonderful with the pattern you've chosen and am glad you're reading The Shell Seekers. I hope you enjoy Penelope's story as much as I have! Have a happy short week!

  2. Love your new start. Very nice! Saturday was just yuck. lol!

  3. Rosmunde Pilcher's writing is wonderful: you will love the Shell Seekers. Try some of her other books, too.

    I've added the shawl pattern to my library - the edging is very attractive and dressy. I can easily see why your yarn wanted to become this shawl.

  4. We had amazing weather this weekend - we were supposed to get some rain, but other than the occasional dark cloud, it was sunny and warm!

    That shawl is going to be lovely!

  5. That shawl will be lovely - you've already got a lot knitted!

    It sounds like you had a good weekend. It actually worked out well that one day was awful - I stayed in the house and accomplished some things for once!

    The Shell Seekers is one of my fave books. I hope you'll enjoy it.

  6. I gave up on the Year of Living Danishly about half way through. It seemed to me like she just wanted to prove WHY they weren't so happy after all. Her attitude changed and it just seemed very snotty.

    Who needs that?

    Sounds like you had a very nice weekend.

  7. Hi Vera,
    Your weekend menu sounds delish...and I look forward to seeing more of the shawl! Knot on!

  8. I love The Shell Seekers. For some reason, it is one of my favorite "summer-books." Maybe I'll try to work it in to my own Summer Bingo card this summer!

  9. That was the last book my mom read. I remember getting it for her at the library. She loved it.
    The shawl is really pretty. I love that type of construction.

  10. ooh, your Bingo card looks terrific! Lincoln in the Bardo is my #1 suggestion for multiple narrators. (and I can probably come up with plenty of other recommendations, too - I listen to a lot of books!)

  11. Bingo fun! Say hi to VIRGINIA for me!!!!

  12. Nice job on the shawl! It's off to a great start!
    Have a fun trip to VA for the wedding-you will have a lot of knitting time, too!

  13. That pattern looks perfect for the gradient yarn. I love knitting with gradient yarn!

  14. Oh, I feel like chicken and waffles would overwhelm me, but it sounds so heavenly.

  15. I love the colors of that shawl!!!! glad you got into the knitting groove :) sounds like you had a nice weekend in spite of the crazy weather.