Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all so much for your kind remarks on my Match and Move.  More importantly, thanks for your words of comfort for Colin.  He saw a doctor yesterday and now has to have blood work done.  So the waiting game will go on a bit.  We'll see him Thursday evening - he is stopping by before having dinner with a friend.  And, he and Mailing are taking us out to lunch on Saturday (for Mother's Day - the place was totally booked on Sunday).

Well, here we are mid-week already and it is Unraveled Wednesday.  Joining Kat and friends to talk about making and reading.  Obviously, Match & Move is finis!!!  And no unraveling necessary.  Now I am back to working on the socks I started the other week.  Not much progress, but a tiny bit. 

Picture is a bit blurry - sorry.  Believe it or not, the top ribbing is 15 rows and so far the leg is 60 rows.  It looks shorter than usual to me, but I think this particular pattern (Spring Socks) is making them pucker a bit.  I will just let them be shorter - lol.  I hope to start on the heel flap at lunch today.

I've been so tired each evening this week (getting back to work is HARD), so I only knit about 12 rows last night.  Then I pulled out the gradient yarn I bought at the Steel City Fiber Festival.  A free pattern came with the yarn, but I think I may troll Ravelry today for another gradient yarn shawl.  Any suggestions?

Can't get this one to turn the right way.  This yarn is 100% wool, fingering weight and I think a shawl in this will look great with jeans.

On the reading front, I finished Commonwealth by Ann Patchett.  I generally like her writing a lot, but I had some trouble with this book.  Time periods kept going back and forth and there were so many characters.  The writing was still good, but the layout of the book was difficult for me.  I'm back to reading "A Year of Living Danishly" which I'm finding to be ok.  Just ok.  It's tedious in places and not all that interesting to me.  I think it could have been condensed into a much shorter book and been more enjoyable in my opinion.  Am waiting for a bunch of books at the library and am gearing up for Book Bingo hosted by Mary.

What are you working on and what are you reading/listening to?


  1. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for Colin while you wait. I don't have any gradient shawl suggestions, but that yarn is gorgeous! I felt the same way about both Commonwealth and Year of Living Danishly. I read an article that Helen Russell wrote, and think you're right; it was much better in a condensed version.

  2. Hopefully Colin will get good news, or at least the diagnosis sooner rather than later, which seems to happen so often. I think going out for Mother's Day on Saturday will be much more enjoyable, to be honest!

    Sometimes I get annoyed when books seem to go on and on. Aren't editors supposed to get them in shape?

  3. no gradient recommendations here either! the last wonderful book I read was To the Bright Edge of the World and before that Lincoln in the Bardo - highly recommend both.

    I know waiting for test results is hard - adding prayers for patience.

  4. My reading has stalled the last three weeks, and since I usually listen and knit at the same time, I have t made much knitting progress either.

    Waiting for test results is difficult and filled with anxiety. I hope you get an answer soon. Enjoy your lunch on Saturday.

  5. I really like State of Wonder and thought about listening to Commonwealth but the Audible reviews scared me off.
    I was just looking at the new Knit Picks catalog and they have a new gradient yarn with some really pretty patterns you could check out for inspiration.

  6. I think Ann Patchett is a hit-or-miss writer. I loved Bel Canto . . . Commonwealth? Not so much.

    Sending good juju for quick healing and feeling better. XO

  7. I'm reading that same *Danish* book. I like her style of writing and her sense of humor, but yes .....she does tend to harp on something for just a little too long sometimes.

  8. Any crescent shawl looks great in a gradient! I do like to read books by Clara Benson; light and delightful!

  9. I started Commonwealth and just couldn't get into it - disappointing 'cause I'd looked forward to reading it...I don't read much fiction and it seemed promising...
    I hope the news of the test results is promising. Enjoy your Sat date.

  10. I'm sorry I missed yesterday's post about Colin. I certainly can commiserate with regard to awaiting test results/diagnosis. His symptoms sound familiar, although we have different ailments. I sympathize with you both. It's terrible for everyone to go through all of this.

    I think all shawls look pretty with the gradient colorways, and even a simple, improvised triangular shawl will look beautiful with that yarn.

  11. I did not like that book at all. I love your gradient and it will look fantastic with jeans! I hope your son gets answers soon and feels better quickly.