Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday

Hello All,

Another Unraveled Wednesday is upon us.  Linking up with Kat and everyone else.

Luckily, no unraveling has occurred.  On the other hand, not a lot of knitting has occurred either.  Oh well. 

The gradient shawl continues.  This think is going to be LONG.  The pattern is an easy to memorize 12 row repeat.  So far I have done 16.5 repeats (that's 198 rows!!) and the color hasn't changed much.  Finally, last night, a darker blue is visible (about 14 rows completed after this picture).  Still a very long way to go.  Blocking should be interesting.....

And a little sock progress.  The heel has been turned and I'm decreasing the gusset stitches.  I love the colors in this sock, I'm just slow to knit it.

On the reading front I got a bit distracted last night from The Shell Seekers.  My copies of the new (to me) publication By Hand arrived.  WOW!  So far, 3 issues have been published, each focusing on a different location in the US (Portland, OR, Coast of Maine and Nashville).  The issues are gorgeous and there are knitting patterns in each one (plus other things).  Take a look.  I highly recommend.

I need to get back to my Kindle though...Book Bingo has started and I have 4 (or maybe 5) books from the library downloaded...and all expire within 10 days or so.  Ha!  Don't think I'll be reading that fast, but I need to step it up a bit.

What are you working on and what are you reading these days?


  1. When working with gradient yarn the color changes keep knitting interesting and motivate me. I hope your yarn gives you some variety soon. I've never heard of By Hand - it sounds intriguing.

  2. The shawl will keep growing-I am knitting a never ending one also!
    The new mag sounds great! Thanks for the info!

  3. Shawls . . . always seem to look smaller than they actually ARE! All. Those. Stitches. Yours will be lovely -- and you'll be inspired to see the gradient color changes! XO

  4. This week so far has only seen train knitting for me. Monday night I was was too pooped when I got home, and last night I had too much to do (and may have gotten distracted by some phone games).
    I'm hoping to finish the cuff of the train sock on the way home tonight. Then work on the second Tux sock when I finally get home. Of course, I've been up since 5:30... I may just crash when I get home.

  5. I bought additional blocking boards for my latest finished thing because I didn't think I have enough but I am wondering now if I am going to need them. I also have several books going on the Kindle but the one I am loving the most is my library book which is the latest #1 Ladies Detective Agency book. The pace of life in Botswana is just what I need when things get to be a bit much here.

  6. Your shawl is looking lovely so far, even if there hasn't been a color change.

    Now I have to check "By Hand" - I've never heard of it, and your description has me intrigued ...

  7. Pretty shawl, Vera.
    Thanks for the link to "By Hand."
    I've been reading several mysteries by M.C. Beaton.

  8. I am astonished by the people who knit huge things with teensy fingering yarn. It would make me a crazy person or worse.

    But the pattern is very pretty--it will be so attractive as it grows and grows.

    I laid aside my irksome cushion cover after finally finishing one side and started a lovely soft shawl for some Comfort Knitting. It was a good and necessary decision.

  9. Your shawl looks wonderful. I am working on twiddle mitts for Kathy B. I just started so that is my weekend project. Hugs, M

  10. gorgeous shawl and I like them long more wrapping!

  11. ooh, I love the shawl pattern - now that the rows are getting longer, I bet you'll see quicker color changes. your kindle queue sounds like mine - I had to put some of my holds on hold :-)