Friday, August 30, 2019



Hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is here!  My 8:30 conference call was cancelled - YAY.  I still have another one at 10, but once that is over I plan to get out of here and head home. 

Colin stopped by for dinner last night and it was such a beautiful evening we had a fire in the pit.  We sat around for a long time just chatting and listening to music.  A very fine evening.

Not much knitting has been accomplished this week.  I did manage to get past the cuff on Watermelon Sock #2, but not too far past:

Hoping to get quite a bit completed on this one over the weekend.

My plan is to get some chores out of the way today (cleaning, paying bills - yuck!) and then have the balance of the weekend to relax and do what I want to do (knit, read, nap!).  We are going to Colin's for dinner Saturday.  Planning to take our bows and arrows and a target and get some archery in.  It has been too long since we did that.

Meanwhile I am starving!  I need to find some breakfast.  The yogurt I had in the frig here at work expired at the beginning of August!  And for once I did not bring any fruit.  Hopefully the little cafe downstairs is open.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend and for those of you down south - please be safe in the pending storm.  My thoughts are with you.  Take care.


  1. Enjoy the long weekend, Vera! It sounds like you have a delightful weekend planned. XO

  2. I hope you have a lovely long weekend, complete with lots of sock knitting, napping, and time to do what you want to do!

  3. Labor Day sort of sneaked up on me. We have no real plans, so that's terrific.

    Enjoy your long weekend. Maybe we'll see a finished sock in your next post.

  4. Happy Labor Day! Your fire sounds wonderful. I'd love to sit around one. My new fire pit has become a bed for the outside kitties to lounge on. Lol...

  5. Wishing you a great knit weekend. Be careful with mosquitoes. Im all worried about EEE disease from them. !!! Fire pit but watch from the house maybe? I watch from my screened porch

  6. It sounds like you have a perfect weekend planned. Our plans all went out the door with the trailer going into the shop, but we are going out to dinner somewhere new for our anniversary. No place fancy but Coeur d'Alene, Idaho has a Texas Roadhouse that people have been telling us about and we might go there. It's only a half hour drive. After dinner we plan to walk the boardwalk around the lake for awhile.
    Wishing you a wonderful time and watch out for mosquitoes, or sit in the smoke from the fire. They don't like smoke!

  7. have a fun long weekend!! I am doing much of what you are doing, paying bills, starting laundry because I will have limited time on Sunday. I am going to do all the knitting in an hour or so.

  8. Enjoy your long weekend! Get some time to knit!

  9. Beautiful colors. I do love watermelon, not really pink, not really red, and good to eat too.

  10. Hope you were able to start your weekend early, and that it's a fabulous one!

  11. You have such a lovely relationship with your son. He seems like such a devoted young man, obviously you raised him well. Enjoy your weekend!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.