Thursday, March 14, 2019

PI(e) Day!!


Our sunrise this morning was glorious!  The picture doesn't capture the intensity or deepness of the color I saw as I was leaving my house for work (but it's still a pretty picture).

And, Happy Pi(e) Day!  I'm hoping for pie tonight - lol.  I did not bake one, but Fletch is running to the store for some mushrooms and peppers for grilling tonight and I'm hoping he picks one up from the bakery.  Any kind will do.

Still working on the Kindle mystery.  Am able to access my book.  In fact I can access books where my Overdrive loan expired and I had deleted them.  But new books that I got through Overdrive have not shown up.  Hmmmmm.....not sure what's up and it's not a critical fix at this point.

Yesterday ended up being busy with no errands being run and no knitting at work either!  I hope to remedy the knitting part today.  I did work a little on the Shell Cottage sock last night - turned the heel, picked up the gusset stitches and have started down the foot.  Meanwhile, I'm still undecided what to stitch next and I woke up dreaming about BIG samplers.  I mean really big.  For example:

SDW Sampler

And All Was For An Appil   (I love Adam & Eve Samplers)

Red Deer

Charlotte Clayton

It's weird that I'm drawn to stitching large pieces.  I almost never frame them as we already have a ton of stuff on our walls (and Fletch doesn't want a house filled with needlework - I don't either).  Really I should try to complete one of my unfinished projects, but I'm just not all that interested in them right now (which explains why they are unfinished).  I have all the charts (and so many more - lol), plenty of fabric and also the threads, so we'll see what I end up pulling out.

The sun is out, it is warming up (65 forecast for today!!), Colin is coming for dinner and we are planning to have a fire in the pit tonight!  Guess that means no knitting or stitching tonight, but that's ok.  It will be wonderful to be sitting outside!

Enjoy your day - the weekend is almost here!


  1. I'm wondering if my weather app is wrong! Kat's got 72 in Pittsburgh, but we've only got 50 predicted in Elkton and in NJ. Enjoy the warmth, dinner on the grill, and hopefully some pie!

  2. hmm... i wonder if I can carve some time out to make a pie today...

  3. I ❤️ pie, especially pumpkin! One day, I hope knit a Pi shawl.

  4. My vote is for Charlotte Clayton. CATS!!!

  5. Pie sounds absolutely wonderful, but I have no plans to get one. I would probably eat it all myself! Would you believe it is supposed to be in the 50s next week? I can’t wait. It hasn’t been that warm since last fall. And I’m talking October if I remember right. That should take care of a lot of this nasty whiteness.
    A lot of people were having technical difficulties yesterday with Facebook and Instagram and YouTube. I wonder if all of these difficulties are related? My Facebook still isn’t working properly today. I hope you get your Kindle figured out soon.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. No pie for me today. Just leftovers. Enjoy yours!!! :-)

  7. ha! I posted some sunrise photos on my blog today :) I guess we shared the same views at the same time. So pretty! I wish I had pie.

  8. It certainly was a great weather day. We are at 71 and windy. Can't be outside because of light sensitivity and the wind is bad for the dryness. I'm wearing light sunglasses inside the house! I sure hope I am not confined to the house this summer.

    You've picked some big girls!

  9. I also love big samplers. The ones you linked to are just amazing.
    I forgot all about Pi Day. I could have used some pie. We did grill out in celebration of a decent day and then took a walk at the beach where it was COLD. What a temperature difference in just a few blocks. I was frozen.

  10. I always enjoyed a good Pi day in math class. I hope you enjoyed your warmth today!

  11. ooh, did you get your Pi(e)? so glad a little warm weather has made it up your way. It's really good for the soul!