Monday, March 18, 2019

A Finish, An Un-Finish and a Cute Picture

Hello All,

How was your weekend?  Mine was great!  Friday we had a St. Patrick's Day lunch at work and then our office closed at 3 p.m., so a bit of an earlier than normal start to the weekend.  It was also beautiful out and it hit 75 in Philadelphia!

Saturday dawned sunny but noticeably cooler.  I met up with Dee for coffee and that's where the Un-Finish took place - lol.  I brought my Shell Cottage sock and she agreed with me that it was very tight.  I was hoping that a good soak and blocking on a sock blocker would stretch it out enough, but when Dee said it looked like a child sized sock I knew there was only one thing to do:

That's where the sock is now.  Dee helped me unravel and re-wind which was great (the knot stitch was a bit tricky to un-do).  I have not re cast on yet to try again, but when I do, I am taking Dee's suggestion of doing the pattern only on the front of the sock.  The back will be plain stockinette and hopefully that will allow me to wear them.  We chatted and knit for a bit and then went across the street to Northbound for lunch.

The food was delicious.  Dee had a roasted beet salad and I had a smoked turkey BLT.

The finish in the title refers to Fletcher's cowl.  Finally!!

And here it is open so you can see the full thing:

Personally, I think the buttons are too heavy for it and flat ones would be better, but Fletch loves it and actually wore it yesterday when he was outside (very windy and chilly again).  Nice to have this one off the needles.  The yarn is from Ancient Arts and the color is Birch Leaves.  I have a full skein and part of one left, so I may need to make something warm and cozy for myself!

Hitchhiker was what I worked on over coffee with Dee and I did a bit more yesterday.  I'm now at 35 teeth and am weighing the yarn after every tooth.  If my calculations are correct, I can make another 3...possibly 4 teeth.  This is what it looks like as of this morning:

Fletch and I did spend some time yesterday over at Mailing's and Colin's.  Their house looks so cute with their furniture now and it is so fun to see how excited they are to be in a home rather than a rental.  After we left they went shopping for a few things (they still need curtains, etc.).  They picked up a new laundry basket and Colin texted this shot last evening:

Marcel wanted to be IN the basket. 

Well, I've got a busy day ahead of me, so I'd best just jump in.  Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. That is a very cute picture! :-)
    I'm glad Dee was able to stop you before you knit anymore stitches on the ill-fated sock. (I'm always amazed at what I can talk myself into when it comes to my knitting. Oh, SURE . . . it will fit . . . ) Your cowl looks great -- and, best of all, Fletch likes it!

  2. Marcel doesn't understand what she's doing in his basket. Who does she think she is?

    Ah...all that stitching down the tubes! At least you weren't on Sock #2.

  3. The last photo is fun - Marcel seems to be pleading with Colin for help. Knitting friends are a great help when a project: I glad Dee helped you ravel the socks and gave a suggestion for reknitting the pattern.

  4. That cowl is just fabulous!!! I never thought about buttons on one but it would be a good solution for when you don't want to drag wool over your hair to get it around your neck.

  5. Love that last photo - so cute!
    The cowl and hitchhiker look great - too bad about the sock!

  6. I really like how the Cowell turned out. I think the buttons look fine. Very manly. I think Dee has the right idea for your sock re-knit. It’s always hard to lose that much work though. What a cute picture. I’m glad the kids are settling in happily into their new home. Blessings, Betsy

  7. Fletch's cowl looks great and the important thing is ......HE likes it.

    Love the picture of Marcel and Mailing .........get OUT OF MY BASKET, MAMA!

  8. Oh that kitty is jealous - any box or basket should be HIS!!!

    The cowl turned out great, I'm glad he likes it.

  9. Oh thats an adorable photo So sorry you had to frog the sock's to a better knit up this time

  10. Oh it hurts to see a frogged ball of yarn, but needs must.

  11. Glad you have a plan for the socks ... and yay! for the finish! (and for that cute Mailing and cat photo)

  12. cute basket photo! How nice that Dee undid that project yay! The cowl looks beautiful and I like the big buttons.

  13. Sorry about the sock but glad you two worked out an alternative! That should make the difference!
    The cowl for Fletch is definitely a winner!! Beautiful or should I say, very handsome!