Thursday, February 28, 2019

Closing February

Good Morning!

The day started out quite dark…like I thought it was dusk…and there was a light dusting of snow (un-predicted) in the yard and on the cars.  It was cold.  But, the sun is out now and shining strong (of course, there is the prediction of some flurries tonight into tomorrow morning).

I managed to knit on both the Hitchhiker and the socks yesterday, but no new pictures to share.  Both are coming along nicely.  I hope to knit more on the Hitchhiker at lunch today.  The sock pattern is a bit fiddly – especially with yarn that seems to split quite easily – but as long as I take my time and go slowly on the one row with the “knot” it seems to be working out.

Last night I decided to start The Library Book (and abandon The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock).  I think my reading slump may have ended!  I only managed to read a few chapters before turning out the light, but so far it is holding my attention. 

And, leaving you with a chuckle:  the other day I was cleaning out my wallet and rediscovered a note that Colin had written years ago (probably 15 or so years ago) that I had saved.  We always leave notes for each other if we are running out, and Colin learned early on to do the same.

To Whom It May Concern:

Have gone out at 12:30 to 
dismantle framework of society.  
Back for dinner.


He cracks me up and I love his sense of humor. 

We are almost at the weekend and we are at the end of February!!  Have a good one.


  1. We all love our kids, but it's really something when we like them and they are fun and wonderful people. Tell Colin to keep working on dismantling; society could use a new framework.

  2. I liked The Library Book--I did find that I put it down a lot since there is a lot of jumping around and not a straight-through narrative.

  3. I love that note! I think he and my boys would get along great with that sense of humor. I am so glad to see February ending. It’s official. We received more snow in February than we have in over 100 years! It was also the coldest one. Hurry up March!
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Finally the end of February... even if the weather is yucky, entering March always makes me feel like Spring is on its way!

  5. What a great note! I think he did what he said. Society is pretty much dismantled as far as I can tell. Lol....

  6. I can see why you saved the note, I like the humor! Reading slumps are the worst. I hate when I read a few bad books in a row!

  7. I love that kid and I've never even met him.

  8. How about you ask Colin to put society back together.. things are cray-cray!!
    Let's hope the new month brings us nicer weather. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Hang in there-the snow has to come to an end soon! That is a great note from your sone; no wonder you saved it!

  10. What a great note - my favorite part is that last parenthetical :-)

  11. Thanks for sharing that awesome note! I LOVE finding those things!

  12. Colin is hilarious! And so clever, too.
    Do let us know what you think of The Library Book. I'm thinking about reading that!

  13. I hope your doctors appointment went OK. The hitchhiker is looking absolutely beautiful. We have actually had five days in a row with no snow! It’s shocking! But since our lows have been below zero for the last several days, what we have isn’t going anywhere.

    I get very frustrated at the grocery store sometimes. Last Friday morning was like that. The thing that bothers me most is when people stop right in the middle of the aisle so you can’t get around them, and either talk on their phone or to the people there with. Oh well. I hope your afternoon is a lovely one Vera.