Thursday, April 5, 2018

Miscellaneous Thursday

Good Morning!

The sun is out for a change.  Yesterday was so foggy in the morning - like Sleepy Hollow or Sherlock Holmes foggy.  And mild.  Like 60 degrees.  Then the temps dropped and gale force winds picked up.  Today is sunny, but cold - like 31 degrees on my patio this morning. weather forecast on my phone is showing 3-6" of sleet & snow on Saturday.  Our roller coaster weather seems to be continuing.  Please let this be the last of winter weather!  Fletch and I leave on a camping trip on April 19th...I don't want to camp in the snow.....

I've already checked out yarn shops on Ravelry for our trip and there are plenty!!  I need to make a list so I'm ready.  And the Allentown Fiber Festival is in a week!  I'll be meeting Dee and (hopefully) Bridget there.  I've already printed out maps for the festival showing all the vendors' locations.  Excited!!!

Sadly there has been no knitting - not even a single stitch - since Sunday!  I've brought the shawl to work every day to work on, but I've been too busy to take a break at lunch.  Evenings I seem to have run out of time.  Colin is coming over for dinner tonight, so I doubt I will knit anything then.  I want to start a mindless project that I can bring with me to work.  I think the lace shawl and lace socks are just too intricate to try to do with folks milling around, phones ringing, etc.  Seeing Nancy's latest socks out of Cascade Heritage made me remember I have several balls of that yarn.  I'm thinking plain old vanilla socks for the win!

I did finish a book...or rather we finished it.  It is another one that Fletch and I read together after dinner.  No Life for a Lady by Agnes Morley Cleaveland is a memoir type book.  She was born in New Mexico in 1876 and raised on a cattle ranch.  This was an entertaining read and we both enjoyed it.  Next up we are going to read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.  I can't believe I've never read any of his books.  We have also been listening to Colin read us "As I Lay Dying" by William Faulkner.  Colin does an excellent job of reading out loud and it's a pleasure to listen while he reads.  Since he is reading to us, it is only on Thursday nights.

Today and tomorrow should be easy days for me (maybe some knitting at lunch???) as both my bosses are in CA for a "meeting" (really more a celebration of last fiscal year - spouses are included in this get-together and there are no meetings per se - just free time and dinners).

Hoping everyone is having a great week.


  1. I absolutely love your family tradition of reading to each other! I listen to a lot of audio books, but they're not nearly as personal and wonderful as reading with my husband and sons would be. Here's hoping we're finally done with snow after Saturday; spring camping in the snow would definitely be an oxymoron!

  2. Yesterday was crazy for us. Super windy, one minute snowing, next minute sun, next minute rain, then sun again, then snow...

    I love your family reading nights, that sounds so nice!

  3. We used to do a lot of read-alouds together as a family. Tom and I started it way back before we had kids by reading Dickens' A Christmas Carol to each other every December. Once the kids were around, we had many family read-alouds -- including the entire Narnia series and the first 3 Harry Potters! It's a great tradition, and I think it's so cool that you do it as a family still! XO

  4. This retired teacher LOVES that your family reads together. I listen to a lot of audio books and love the cadence/rhythm of the words. My mind engages more with the characters and the story.

    Plain Jane/Vanilla socks are the perfect mindless knitting project.

  5. I'm not complaining. Really, I'm not, but I'm SO ready for some warmer temps that STAY!!! I can't believe we are having MORE snow/sleet on Saturday.

  6. What is up with this #$#&$^#^# weather???? Everyone is either sick or depressed. I hope we don't go from 30 to 90. I will lose my mind.

  7. I love that you two read together. Deb is kind of right about this weather. My husband has a cold now. everyone is aching for some sun and the snow to just stop already! BUt we are getting some tonight. Enjoy COLIN dinner! I had my kiddos for 5 dinners in a row last week and it was THE BEST to be with them. Even if my nerves got a bit fried, with travel to another country, I loved each second with them.

  8. I so enjoy audio books-how neat to have your son read to you-a real treat!!

  9. Your read-aloud/alongs sound like great fun! I have a garter stitch scarf on the needles (size 7's) precisely to fill that no-brainer knitting need - you definitely need to start some plain vanilla socks :-)