Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Easter!  And, Happy Passover (a little late) to those celebrating that holiday.  I've been under the weather a bit.  Ended up running a fever Wednesday night (no sleep).  Went to work Thursday just to get some financial reports out and then left by 10:30.  Slept most of that day.  Colin was over for dinner Thursday and a fire in the pit, but I went back to bed long before he left.  I'm feeling better, just worn out, a bit achy, etc.  I don't think it was the flu, but not sure what I had.  Friday was a work holiday for me anyway which was a good thing.

And now, no April Fool's joke, our forecast is for snow starting around midnight tonight through tomorrow morning.  Anywhere from 1" to 5" expected.  What????

Yesterday was nice though and Fletch and I got some archery shooting in during the afternoon.  It felt strange to be doing that after months of not practicing.  And the not practicing part was pretty obvious!  I did manage to hit the target a couple of times, but mostly I fell short.

Back to Friday:  I finished the never-ending red socks with the lateral braids.  Fletch decided he liked them, so they are his:

And a close up of the braids:
I am definitely going to incorporate the braid into a pair for myself one of these days.

The yarn is the Malabrigo (Tiziano Red) that was a real PITA to wind.  It is some of the softest yarn ever though and feels wonderful on your feet.

Saturday morning I managed to wind up several skeins of yarn:
The beautiful pastel ball on the left is Barn Cat fingering from Valerie in the colorway Varadero.  So pretty and Spring-like.  I needed something like this after the dark red socks.  The pattern I've chosen is: Medallion Lace Socks - free on Ravelry.  I started them Saturday evening but managed to mess up the first row of the pattern, so pulled everything out.  Hoping to start today.

The other three skeins will hopefully become: 

I can't remember where I got this one...probably from a blog.  I re-discovered this pattern when going through the hundreds of patterns I have printed out to save (what was I thinking???).

The yarn is some that I bought over 10 years ago while on vacation in Vermont.  It is from Green Mountain Spinnery and is "Cotton Comfort" - 80% fine wool and 20% organic cotton.  The color is Weathered Green.  I'm hoping this will work up into a slightly heavier shawl than what I have made in the past.

We are heading over to Colin & Mailing's for dinner tonight.  I've got an Easter Basket made up for them complete with a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, peeps, etc.  I'd better throw in some catnip treats for their kitties too.

Hoping the weekend is finding all of you relaxing and enjoying life.  And, I won't lie - I'm hoping for at least a 2 hour delay for work tomorrow!!!


  1. I can see why Fletch wanted the socks: they are gorgeous. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. So sorry you've been under the weather - and yikes! more snow??!! I can totally see why Fletch claimed those red socks, but I'm sure this next pair will be all yours :-) feel better. stay warm. Happy Easter!

  3. Hope you are feeling much better so you can enjoy your family today. Happy Easter.

  4. What is it with printing out patterns? I have SO many.
    I am so impressed with your braids. That is a technique I'd really like to master for mittens.
    Wool-cotton blends are heavenly to wear. Perfect for a shawl.
    Sorry you weren't feeling well; I hope you felt well for your Easter!

  5. Fletch looks quite good in his new socks!!!! I guess that yarn was for him after all. LOL

    I put that Medallion pattern right into my queue. That is a gorgeous pattern.

  6. Sorry to hear you have not been well. Those socks are just so special with that braid. Hard to believe it is Easter and we are still wearing wool socks. I need to knit a pair in Easter colors in case we have another year like this one.

  7. No surprise the arrows fell short when you have been so under the weather! The socks are beautiful-nice work! I like the plans for the new yarn cakes-you will enjoy them , too!

  8. Feel better! You'll love the shawl. I've made several of them. The pattern is easy to memorize, with plenty of 'wow' factor for how simple the knitting is. Enjoy!

  9. Fletch's socks look amazing!

    I hope you had a lovely Easter. Ours was good, but I'm glad I took the day off today.

  10. Sorry you were under the weather and I hope, feeling much better if not totally well when you read this. Love the Easter basket you made up for your "kids." Enjoy your two new knitting projects...I too liked the socks. Knit on!

  11. I hope you continue to feel better! Those socks are wonderful -- and it seems like you knit them up in a hurry (at least from where I'm sitting. . . ) Happy Easter, Vera. XO

  12. Sorry you were sick last week. Hate being sick! So is that a latvian braid on the socks? I keep seeing that type of braid on all the mittens coming out these days. Nice shawl design too -- hope it comes out as you want. I want to try the Green Mountain Spinnery yarn someday. Hope your snow was like ours -- a good amount but it melted nicely away. Still on the grass though.