Thursday, November 2, 2017

Three on Thursday

Yikes!  Thursday already.  Here are my three things:


  • There has been no knitting for at least a week.  It is making me crazy!!  Hopefully this weekend (though I have so much I need/want to get done in that 2-day period).  I AM taking knitting to FL on Monday…my plane ride will be longer (though I may opt to put the knitting in my bag and just have my Kindle with me) and I have free time during the meeting days.  Win-win…I hope.  Planning (as of now) to take Close to You which I don’t think I have even looked at since sometime in August! 
  • I have been reading!  Last week I started by Paul Auster.  I love the premise of the book, but honestly it is just way too long winded (and repetitious at times) for me.  I found myself falling asleep each time I picked it up.  So I have sent that back through the airwaves of Overdrive.  I may, in the future, try the audible version, but for now I don’t have time for books that I can’t get through.  Two nights ago I started The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa and it is wonderful.  I’m such a numbers freak anyway, but I love the writing, I love the story.  It is FAST reading. 
  • Work continues to be very busy, though yesterday I had a break for my annual appraisal with my boss.  Of course, they are done on-line and I have to do a self appraisal as well.  Bill (my boss) and I rated me identically on every single point – LOL.  The best part is he is putting in a raise for me above the norm and has already had approvals from the powers-that-be to do so.  YAY!  It is wonderful to have a boss who understands and appreciates you.


So there you have my 3 things.  In other news, Colin will be over for dinner tonight.  It’s quite warm (again), so not sure we will have a fire tonight, but Fletch is grilling hot and sweet sausage on the grill and we have some good crusty bread and I’ll cook up some mushrooms, onions, peppers and sundried tomatoes to go with.


As mentioned above, the weekend will be full.  Laundry to do, cleaning, grocery shopping and packing.  I’m getting picked up at 5 a.m. Monday for a 7 a.m. flight.  That is way too early…I probably should have booked myself to fly down Sunday (but I didn’t want to give up my weekend).  I’ll be back sometime Wednesday afternoon.


I’m trying to catch up on blog reading, but it’s been difficult.  And I’ve been pretty lousy about responding to comments on my blog.  Do know that I appreciate them all.  When things calm down a bit I will have more time to devote to my personal endeavors – LOL.



  1. I've learned (it took me a while) to return books that simply are not interesting to read. It's supposed to be pleasurable, so why do I feel the need to pressure myself.

    I love that you and your boss are in sync about your evaluation. I hope your raise is approved.

    Safe travel and happy knitting.

  2. Oh I loved The Housekeeper and the Professor, I'm glad you are enjoying it. And I'll bet you'll do a little bit of knitting once you are on your trip. :-)

    Again, you are soooooo lucky! We are not getting raises for the 4th year in a row. :-( But we were told it's an honor to work where we do, so there's that. (Not.)

    Safe travels!

  3. We have a similar review process, and I've learned that my boss will pretty much agree to whatever I put there. My job is very independent, and thankfully I have a boss who trusts me and never tries to micromanage!

  4. Congratulations on the great review! I hope that awesome raise comes through. The Teacher Evaluation process is incredibly horrible and takes all year long. Really. A total waste of energy. Our pay is based on years of experience and education. I just got enough credits for a big raise!

    I understand being super busy. That's how I feel most of the year. I wish teaching would go back to being sane.

  5. Sounds like lots of Good Things happening over there at Chez V! Good for you.

  6. Things sound pretty good despite the busyness, especially the raise! I'm grilling sausages tomorrow since it looks like another 76 degree day - pretty weird for November, but I shouldn't complain about saving $$ on heating costs. I hope you have a great time in FL. I know it's for work, but hoping you can fit in some reading and knitting.

  7. Mmmm....your dinner sounds so yummy! I haven't grilled in ages.

  8. Slow down? What's that!!!!!????
    Sounds like a nice weekend, though!

  9. yay for a raise and a nice boss. I hope you get some knitting time soon, i find it makes me a super happy person! don't worry about visiting blogs and replying, it is all what we can do, whenever I have the kids home, everything drops. As it should. Be kind to yourself!

  10. Hope we treat you right here in Florida. Good luck with knitting time this weekend and congrats about the raise, that is always nice.