Friday, November 17, 2017

Dangerous Beauty

Good Morning!  And, Happy Friday - TGIF

A chilly start to the day here in Eastern PA.  Last night was chilly too.  Fletch and Colin had a fire going in the pit after dinner...I would run out for a minute or two, but it was too cold for me to stay out there long.

Today's title - Dangerous Beauty - comes from the picture I'll show:

Cool, huh?  This is a hornets nest that Fletch cut out of the neighbor's hedge.  I think it's fairly large, but Fletch says not so much.  Anyway,, there is beauty in it...but thank goodness no hornets present when Fletch went at it.  During the summer they were swarming around (especially when Fletch would mow the lawn), but now that it's cold and frosty he was able to extricate it.  I love all the swirls you can see.

What are you all up to this weekend?  I've got major/massive cleaning to be done.  Fletch is doing some touch-up painting in some rooms, but I intend to corral him into helping with the cleaning.  And we have to grocery shop (hopefully Colin & Mailing will let me know what vegetable[s] they want me to fix).  I'll make the cranberry chutney this weekend.  Oh, and of course, there is laundry needing to be done.  Oy!  The chores don't seem to end.  I finally get everything done and it's time to start all over again - lol.

Did you all see that MDK's latest Field Guide is out?  It looks great...I'm off to order it right now.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. That looks plenty big to me, too.

  2. That hornet's nest is beautiful! The swirls remind me of the Song of the Sea cowl pattern on ravelry. I can't risk looking at the new MDK Field Guide until I tackle some chores and work here, but maybe the reward will help me get some things done. Happy Weekend!

  3. My neighbor's tree has a hornets nest up high. Last year they cut it out for a Show & Tell at school. The nests are pretty when they are empty.

  4. I love hornet's nests -- but not the hornets themselves, of course. They are just so beautiful! Nature is amazing. . .

  5. Holy cow! That hornet's nest looks pretty large to me!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'll be doing a lot of those same things this weekend ... shopping, planning, cleaning, and of course, the never-ending laundry.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll see you soon.

  6. eep! we just saw one on our oak tree now that the leaves give a clear view.

  7. Glad you let them live a season. I'd toss it into the fire now...maybe.
    It is way too cold here for a fire outside and its sleeting out!
    Resting up this weekend. Making sure Miss Pie heals.....she was a little off yesterday, but more like herself today. I may get to the knit store tomorrow. I
    Saturday seems to be my house cleaning day , so I'll be at that too!!!!

  8. Whoa! That is a big hive...glad there weren't any hornets languishing behind!
    Here's hoping that your weekend list of chores is punctuated with "fun stuff to do" too...

  9. What a neat example of a hive-empty is right, though, or we would all fail to see the beauty! lol
    We have a very different weekend-we took the boys back to their parents after taking care of them for 8 months.....I'm going to adjust but it is a funny feeling tonight.

  10. It is a masterpiece from nature. Hope you are well Vera, happy weekend.